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The woman!

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For centuries I have lived under pressure
The ruling of the stern counterpart by tether
He played with the fragile body of ours
Killing the innocence as he put us behind bars

The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars
The pain has been suffered till the eternity
Often after being used and abused by the fraternity
The time always heals the wounds with its powers

All that remain deep within the heart are only the scars
The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars
From a daughter to a mother, she plays different roles
Tired of everything, still continues to fulfill her goals 

Waited since quite a long time back, for the right hours
The modernity is what that was required that empowers
The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars
Endurance is what takes the multitasking fairer counterpart ahead

The path is rough, even the strongest think twice to tread
Today they can touch the skies, climb the tallest towers
Years back that were nothing are tomorrow's stars
The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars!

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful women on this great day. Happy Women's day to all the lovely ladies in my life and also to the ones who have left it.  Also, to the ones who are yet to enter my life sooner or later.

P.S. What goes around comes around! My humble request to all leading ladies that power is extremely magnetic. It makes people's mind corrupt also. I request you all to use the power given to you with utmost care as it may come back to you tomorrow.

Hope that you all will have a good day!

PPS   Hope to hear from all lovely ladies on International Men's day too. :)

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  1. beautifully penned saurabh . Congrats on the Notable Newbie award :)

  2. Nice tribute to the women.
    But I have a question.. the starting lines meant as if a woman is telling her story then the poet voices on behalf of her. I didn't got this narration. I'm pretty slow in poems so if I'm wrong then I apologise.
    Hope Men's Day soon gets launched. :P Then I'll write a poem. hehe :D
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. Hmmm Thanks :) Actually starting part I depicted woman's wordings next I Depicted in my own words. Hope now you get it :) Its a mix of both :) And about men's day, its already there. But India is centered around women more that they forget about men :P Its celebrated on 19th november. For more you can always check wikipedia :)

  3. Congratulations for winning the notable newbie award from blogadda.

    So when is the international men’s day? if you know let me know so that I will write a nice post dedicating to all my men I know ( don’t u worry, I shall even include you in it :p)

    Thank you for dedicating a post for us – the women!!

    1. Thanks :) I am glad you liked it! International Men's day is celebrated on 19th November. It's far. You can check Wikipedia for more details :P :)

  4. The day to day problems faced by women in offices they work in or the society are not being solved. The biggest problem women are facing today is insecurity, violence. The celebration of Women's Day in the face of all this has a hollow ring about it.

    1. There are several other factors responsible for this. You can check my related posts about these issues. I have written them based on my experience personally.

  5. HOPE DIGNITY... !!
    Women of the Earth, I wish you a Happy International Women's Day. NEVER FORGET HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE...!!
    Even while UN Development says 7 in 10 women are beaten, raped, abused or mutilated in their lifetime.

    1. i dont know about the UN but what i feel is that somewhere wrong was done and we need to correct it :)

  6. "The woman has evolved by winning gruesome wars"
    very inspiring and beautifully composed.
    Will make a point to write a piece to thank all the men in my life as well... Thank you for this delightful piece.
    And Many congratulations on BlogAdda notable newbie award :)
    May you grab more... :)


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