Apr 26, 2013

Chosen one!

Saurabh Chawla |
This part is the third part of the story. I recommend all of you to read the first part Hidden lies! and then the second part The prey! before continuing to this part.

Deep within the forest, located at a distance of about ten kilometers outside the city, stood Harsh. Anuja, even after facing reluctance from Harsh of not accompanying him, she did. Harsh was trying hard to reach to the exact location where he saw the mutilated corpse in his dream last night. Fortunately, it didn't take a lot of time to reach their destination. Anuja was searching for Simran rabidly. She ran from tree to tree, searched meticulously hoping to find any hint of her presence there, but of no avail. Tired, with no more energy, she looked at Harsh with narrowed eyes. He also seemed worn out in his trial to find his only daughter. "It's your entire fault!" bellowed Anuja. Harsh looked at lame Anuja with raised eyebrows.

"What have I done now?" he inquired, his voice raised with anger. "I told you not to come back here after that incident, but you think it's all a joke!" tears started flowing from her eyes incessantly. Harsh went close to her. Holding her by her shoulders, trying to console her, he said "Nothing is going to happen to her!" Unfortunately, it was not tolerable by Harsh's father, Arjun Thakur, to bear a girl as a grandchild.

He was a man who would never let his ego being crushed by anyone. A tough Rajput, warrior spirit was in genes. He was treated as a deity by all. Moreover, it was deeply disliked by all the kinsfolk. Harsh clearly recalled how few of them had tried to kill both Simran and Anuja for bringing bad luck to family tree. Every time he was bullied and fired on with taunts that kept on injuring his self confidence. At times, Anuja tried to kill herself and Simran, but Harsh's love for them kept her strong. After a brawl with Harsh over Simran, Harsh had left Simla, leaving behind his family and friends, forever!
Harsh heard a sound similar to that of timpani that distracted his flow of thought. It was coming from a place not too far. It took seconds for him to recognize the tone which was familiar to him. It was of a tribe whose leader Arjun had helped in their time of urgent need. They were coming close. Around twenty men, each one of them sported big nose rings. Their hard, muscular structure was enough to scare anyone away. Equipped with long pointed spears, one would think a dozen times to move near to them. They moved in a slow fashion, with most strong men at the front and at the back while the vulnerable ones in the middle of the formation. It seemed as if they were trying to protect someone in the middle.

Harsh raised his neck in order to get a view across the long grown grass. He could see the men at the middle. They held on their shoulders a rectangular sheet that rested someone on it. Harsh strode faster to have a look at the blast of hunters. He was more curious to know who they were carrying along with them. Within few minutes, they suddenly stopped. One of them was not able to bear the weight anymore so he needed some rest in order to continue. Anuja was slowly following Harsh, she was about to say something when Harsh pointed her to keep quiet. The hunters had great listening powers. They could even hunt impeccably in the dark because of their god gifted powerful ears. Harsh turned his neck towards them and he saw something which he could not even have imagined in his wildest thought. The one who they were carrying along was no animal or bird, but a human.

Harsh's eyes became red as they drew more blood. Beads of perspiration slipped briskly from his forehead. He turned around to hold Anuja by her hand. He needed her more than anybody else. But Anuja had already fallen unconscious. With grief stricken eyes he turned his head around to see the hunters take Simran along with them!

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  1. woven the story plot into a fine mesh.

  2. oh.. hunters..! hmm.. the plot is getting thicker now. curious to know what happened after..

    1. hmmm gud to hear that :) but I am planning to wrap it up in the next part :)

  3. That's scary. There are loads of secret in their lives, I guess. BTW, I searched online but couldn't find the exact meaning of timpani.

    1. check wikipedia. Kettledrums or in hindi they caan relate to Nagada.


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