Apr 17, 2013

The pact!

Saurabh Chawla |
signing the pact

With nothing left by my side
I surrender the fate of mine to you
The mistake I made to trust thou
Is hurting me hard from inside 

The fear always kept me pushing
Getting lost without you in this cruel world
Something never even close to a dream that whirled
The cells deep in my heart always keep crushing

What happened I don't know?
Neither can I contemplate the reason
Which led you or me to commit to this treason?
Only a right path to sort this out is I want you to show

What I surmised has turned out to be a fact
Like a bullet I have strayed from time to time
The strings that are attached need to be in a rhyme
I have done it, now it's your choice to sign or not to sign the pact!


Your comments are priceless!

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