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The prey!

This part is in continuation of the previous post. I recommend to read that part first before continuing to read this part. The previous part can be read here----> Hidden lies!

In the midst of night when the entire city was engaged in deep sleep, Harsh with his two men left for the forest. Hunting was considered a feast for royal clan. Same was the case with Harsh. It was in his blood. After spending around a decade, living in highly populated cities, he couldn't allow the rust to corrode his joints. Whenever he got a chance to fulfill his most desirable hobby, he would not listen to anyone.

The darkness was at its peak. The only hope was some light coming from the moon that shone above had been already overshadowed by the arboretum of surrounding huge oak trees. The galloping sound echoed all over the forest waking up the sleeping trees. He was the master of the game. Even though he returned after so long time, still he knew where to hunt for the prey. Leading the group, he pointed the two men galloping behind him to follow him deep in the forest. With an eye of that of an eagle, it was almost impossible for a prey to stay hidden from him for long. He saw a deer that stood calm behind the bushes of long grass. Long green grass makes it easy for the animals to camouflage in order to prevent themselves from the ferocious creatures who want to have them for a feast.

Unfortunately that night, the poor deer's fate was in the hand of Harsh. Pulling the reins he stopped the galloping horse at a distance far enough to make sure that deer hadn't ran away. Dropping down from the saddle he prepared his loaded rifle to fire at his prey. Being a sharp shooter, he didn't want to waste two bullets on him. It was a sense of pride for to shoot his target in the very first attempt. Also, a sense of humanity prevailed in him. He didn't like the fact to injure his target so that he may have to bleed to death, slowly! That was the worst punishment he could give to anyone. He took position, aiming his rifle at the deer; he held his breath to get the perfect shot and fired. The deer lay motionless where he was. It was indeed a PERFECT SHOT! 

Praised by his two friends who accompanied him, he held his head up, with chest bulging out with pride; he placed his foot on the stirrup to find his next prey. They galloped at full pace, entering the deeper territory of the forest. After a while, his horse stopped suddenly forcing Harsh to lose his balance. Harsh took hold of the reins in order to prevent from falling down. As he took control of the horse, to make him gallop again, but to his surprise his own trained horse refused to step even a single step forward. Something prevented it from doing so. Harsh prepared his rifle to step down. He indicated his two friends to get their rifles ready. At a distance of about ten feet lay a corpse of the human, rotten! Losing his breath by looking at it with horror struck eyes, he let out a yell.....SIMRAN!!!

Harsh sprang up from his deep sleep with his eyebrows still throbbing with the worst nightmare still playing vividly in front of his eyes. Anuja, his wife sat in front of him, still like a stone. The dream had ended, but not the nightmare. Simran was missing. The worst part was that nobody knew where she was?

To be continued.     


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