Apr 21, 2013

The unknown shadow!

Saurabh Chawla |

unknown shadow poem by saurabh chawla
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Looking in the mirror so close
I see a reflection of the unknown
Leave me wondering always
Whether I am awake or in a doze

Like the moon eclipses the sun
It takes upon me when I am weak
Slowly transforming me to a state
That of a devil or some god in heaven

Losing control is the main factor
That takes away the natural prowess
Within me lives someone I guess
Willing to come up from hideout as a benefactor   

Persevering to this bizarre chain of events
I fear of losing the one I have most important
Sometimes I feel dejected, sometimes depraved
But this unknown shadow of a stranger prevents!

Click here to read Drifting apart! 


  1. Beautiful verse fueled by a deep thought. The narration is spot on, so is the flow of words.

    Lovely lines these Saurabh..

    1. thank you so much Deepak for the appreciation. Sometimes they come out straight from the heart.

  2. well expressed ... the unknown shadow of a stranger prevents .. amazing !!

  3. Very intense Saurabh. First two verses are beautifully penned.

  4. I see the reflection of the unknown. paradoxical yet beautiful.

  5. Brilliant !
    Enjoyed reading it.. Unknown shadows r always thr !

    1. Thank you Afshan! Ya even I also feel sometimes :)


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