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The untold!

This is the final part of the story. I recommend you all to read the first part Hidden Lies!. The second part The prey!, the third part Chosen one! before continuing to this one.

After a deep thought, Harsh recalled the place where the head of the tribe lived. He had been there with his father when he was quite young. Anuja had gained consciousness after numerous attempts by Harsh. Screaming Simran's name after she woke up was something that Harsh expected. He tried hard to console her cries, but tears that rolled down her cheeks were incessant. Harsh knew his destination, but the path was unknown. So he decided to follow the tribesmen, maintaining his distance in such a manner that they were unperturbed by his presence. Anuja also wanted to come along with Harsh but he convinced her somehow to stay there. For safety purposes, he left a revolver, an automatic one with her. That was enough to protect her from the wild. Although she was a woman, but being a wife of a Rajput, she knew very well how to play with guns.

They walked for several hours, resting for sometime in between. Harsh maintained his distance. He was keeping a close watch on Simran. What are these tribesmen up to?  Despite negative thoughts that clouded over his mind every single second that passed, he was still in a fix to see that there were no injury marks or whatsoever on Simran's body. She was unconscious. That was all what he could decipher from the distance that far. Brushing away the thoughts that raised his adrenaline levels to extreme, he stayed low.  The main goal for him was to save Simran from these cannibals at any cost, if that cost was his own life.

Nothing mattered to him more than Simran. Following them deep inside the forest, he saw them taking her inside the den. He crouched behind the long grown grass and peeked inside the den. The view lasted few seconds as the ones who had brought her came in his way. They were leaving the place but the horror that struck Harsh was that Simran was inside. He waited for them to leave. After few minutes, he made his way inside. For a moment, he was stunned to see the inside of the den. Initial few meters were dark but after that, he saw what his eyes didn't believe.

Gold carved walls on his sides, the room sported a chandelier that only rich could afford. The crimson colored silk carpet upon which he stood was accentuating the room's fine texture. One of the finest rooms which he used to see and also live in his childhood came in front of Harsh, the rounded curtains that covered large windows, shielding the room from the evils of the outside. Lost in the attraction, Harsh didn't realize of them being aware of his presence. Soon he was made captive and was to be presented in front of the leader himself. His fate was concealed like a bird is captured in the four walls of a cage within seconds.

Harsh opened his eyes. He was in a private chamber which resembled to that of a prisoner cell. With weary eyes, he saw a man, about seven feet tall with huge bulked up body standing in front of him. Harsh could imagine the power of that man by looking at his tough structure. He had no doubt that this man could defeat a lion in a fight. He pointed the guards who held Harsh to leave the room. Probably, he wanted to have a talk with him alone. With anger that reflected in his eyes that turned red from the sudden rush of blood, he bellowed. "Who are you and why are you here?" He paused. "Who sent you in here?" he kept firing questions at Harsh who stood like a lame lifeless body in front of him. With huge head and huge bull like body, impatience comes as a complementary gift. He dragged Harsh towards him by pulling his shirt.   

He froze like ice. Something caused him to turn to stone. That was a neck lace with a Shiva idol like engraving. Easing his grip on Harsh, he asked with tears in his eyes, "By the name of holy Mahadev, who are you?” Harsh felt somewhat relaxed from within. The only point that made him perplexed was the sudden change in behavior of the man who was about to send him to a path towards dead end was crying like a small baby. Without keeping him waiting more, he replied with his name. "Are you one of the followers of Arjun Thakur who ruled the city?" Harsh was totally taken aback. He knew that Arjun had helped some tribes financially as well as by law also, but the truth of having also ruled them was something totally blew his mind away. "He was my father!" He fell on Harsh's knees apologizing about every second of doing this to him. Harsh told him all things that how he followed the tribesmen who carried his daughter. 

He took Harsh to a chamber where Simran was kept. To his amusement, they were treating Simran for her ailment. "She is going to be absolutely fine." "I have allocated my finest healers for her treatment." Harsh was confused and thankful at the same time. The complete picture was revolving in front of him but in opposite direction. He sent out his men to bring Anuja. Soon she joined them. He told Harsh how his father had transformed their living standards by providing financial help as well as imbibing discipline in each and every one of them. He also told about how they had found Simran lying unconscious near the forest area and feared her being eaten away by wild animals, had brought her safely at his place. Harsh thanked for all the help. Simran had followed the noise inside the forest where she had fainted on seeing something which was unable to recall. Harsh was least concerned about other things. He was happy that he had his life back. 

Wiping his tears but sporting a smile on his face simultaneously at a distance stood Arjun Thakur, blessing his son, Anuja and especially Simran whom he couldn't hold in his arms even, with all his love that he missed to share with them. Feeling relieved, he continued his walk in the stars towards eternity. 

The universe has several hidden truths, some hidden lies woven in a complicated mesh which are beyond the reach of mere human beings. Before reaching to any conclusion, it should be preached that there are certain things which are better left unsaid.     


  1. My real name is Ratika Chauhan, yeah you guessed it right, Im a rajput and the way you described the halo surrounding the rajputs flattered me..I read the whole story all the parts and loved the mystery in first , second parts..There is a message at the end of the story and a good one, but I kept looking for some mysterious ending..:P
    first visit to your lounge.

    1. thanks a lot Ratika :) i am grateful you liked it and glad that I didnt make any mistake in describing the Rajputs :) well if I would have done a mysterious ending again then I had to put that old to be continued again :P and seriously I was out of thought for this one now whether it has to be short or I may have written a book in here :P

  2. very nice end to a story. and as you said , there are certain things which are better left unsaid.....
    I agree with you.

  3. Ok! Something should surely be left hidden. A different story, enjoyed reading it.

  4. hidden truths or lies, certain things are better left unsaid.. a mystery. unpredictable. interesting story

  5. he continued his the Eternity....
    an impressive end of a marvelous beginning


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