May 7, 2013

Believe it's in your reach!

Saurabh Chawla |

believe it's possible
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 Sitting at the beach, gazing at the waves
I wanted to beseech, why so much one craves?
The feeling of being content, it never comes
The more one avoids the intent, more tough it becomes

So frail, so lame are the thoughts of the people
No trail, they echo silently, steel labeled as feeble
From the rising and the falling tides, one can relate
The path to which one has to abide, it can't be straight

The sand between the toes felt so benign
Completely soaked up clothes as I talked with whine
Seeking a resolution, tired of this vengeance
For it to lead to diminution, I had to stop the penance
From the meek compliance, one will always suffer
Switch to some defiance, add it for the buffer
The saline water sucks in the sand, but can't empty a beach
Through the tough, one can stand; just believe it's in your reach!

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  1. Loads of positive vibes in it...
    Good job!

  2. Yes. Human nature craves for more and is never satisfied.

    1. That is sometimes or I must say every time better as it leads to better achievements :)

    2. If it leads to better achievements, its good.

  3. nice rhyming and so much of positive tone. loved it.

  4. A beautiful message. All is possible if you have self belief.

    1. true Saru :) its always the inner fears that limit oneself to take that extra mile for walk :)


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