May 8, 2013

Naked truth!

Saurabh Chawla |

Sameer looked at the mirror, narrowing his eyes a little at the reflection of a small strand of nasal hair, dressed in a formal black Armani suit that fitted perfectly, accentuating his muscular structure beneath. He was a man who kept hygiene his top priority, cleanliness was something he craved for. Without hesitation, he picked up the clipper placed impeccably on a dark chocolate colored teak table projected in front of the mirror. Trimming off the extra strands, he ascertained himself of the desired perfect look. He strode away in a hurry out of the room. He was already late for office.

Shaina, in her early twenties, a woman of promise, who had pear shaped eyes and wore a smile on her face even in the tougher times, was soon going to be his wife. Something she considered to be one of her best moments to marry one of the richest boys among her peers. It had already become a talk among the sorority. Dressed in a beige colored top and sporting a churidar, she raked her teeth across her lower lip to smooth the matching lip stick. She tucked her waist long jet black hair precisely. Ratan was waiting for her at the mall. She kissed Meghna, her mother goodbye and left.

Down at the city office, Sameer was busy scouring the report he received about his company's performance, possibly for a reason of it showing negative results since last two quarters. He was shocked to see a substantial amount of the company's funds were being redirected to the suspense account. He crosschecked twice to know where it was being laundered. He was distracted by the knock at the door. It was the time of his coffee. The peon, of a medium height, fully wrapped up in a dress that made only his face visible, that too very faintly, stepped in a hurry after getting an approval, placed the coffee at the table and left out. There was a disciplinary rule that needed to be followed in the office, be it related to dress itself. Sameer was engrossed deep within the reports. Sipping up on his coffee, he picked up the intercom and called on for a Board meeting. He scheduled it in two hours.

Shaina stepped in the mall looking for Ratan. She called her a numerous times but to no avail. Finally after ten minutes of roaming aimlessly, she found her coming out of the washroom at the ground floor. She saw a flash of a worry on her face. But when asked, she replied in a negative. Shaina was in no mood to square off with her, so she decided to let it be.

Two hours had passed like a flash. The Board members were assembled in an eclipse shaped conference room. All had come except the one, Sameer himself. There was a cause of concern in every body's face. The man who raced against time was LATE! One of them sent a peon to look into the matter. Rajan, who was a partner to the company, went along with him to make sure that everything was fine. He barged into the chamber where Sameer was seated. To his surprise, he was not there in the room. Curious, Rajan turned towards the attached washroom, panting heavily because of running. He could feel his heart race, pumping more blood in his dry cells. With a slight hesitation, he twisted the door lock to open the door. The scene shot the black of his eyes; Sameer was lying beneath the wash basin with his clothes fumbled with. He gave a loud cry of his name and rushed to check his pulse. What happened next was not even in anybody's dream.

It was nothing but a corpse.

You can read the next part by clicking------> Seeing the unseen!


  1. wow. this is interesting. But why was Ratan worried?

  2. This created suspense for sure
    Waiting for next :)

    1. sure will post soon as it gets finalized :) Thanks alot Afshan :)

  3. brilliant first episode.. i am already glued to it :-)

  4. I started with the latest part then landed here , Good thing I did... Nice build up.. so many questions in this one.. Looking forward to read the remaining story. Good going :)


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