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The note!

This part is in continuation. You can read the previous part Seeing the unseen! You can read the first part Naked truth.

Shaina, who was skeptical about the woman, went to meet SSP Raman. He had called her at his office after she informed about the incident. He was not that much worried about her, but the fact that the peon who had poisoned Sameer, the only ray of light in this never ending tunnel was no more. Turning towards Shaina, he pointed her to hand over the photograph of that woman. Shaina, who looked close to sick, with puffy eyes and slightly wore out face, handed over the photograph to the SSP. Getting an assurance from him that he will try his best to find out about her, she left.

Ratan waited outside the office, crouched behind the wall projection, a perfect place for hideout. She was not able to clearly see what Shaina handed over to the SSP. After Shaina left, there was no point for her in waiting for any more time there. Raman was deeply engrossed in his own thoughts. This case is getting out of my hands. There got to be some clue. Raman was trying to figure out the puzzle himself. He began with Rajan, the prime suspect. But, he has the perfect alibi. In fact, everyone has the perfect alibi. The one who had the answer is dead! Damn! 

Clouded by weird thoughts that hovered around his preoccupied mind, he banged hard on the table, storming it by his strong fist. He needed rest since quite long, something which seemed close to a distant dream to him. Like a madman he forced open the folder containing the documents he brought from the crime scene. He fumbled upon the account statements of the company. A note dropped from the bundle of pages that was carefully held by clippers at its ends, something which went unnoticed by all. Placing the folder carefully on the table, Raman slowly bent over to pick up the fragile piece of paper note that lay upside down. He could feel his cortisol levels rising as a result of stress that built up. Flipping it on the other side meticulously, preventing it from being torn off, he began reading the words that were spread on it with dark blue ink.

Dear Sameer,

You and Shaina are the best couple I have ever seen. I had to admit the fact that you two are made for each other. The time we spent together, will always stay with me as an unforgettable memory. Maybe time will help heal the wounds that have taken over my heart. I had no option left but to leave. It was better for me as well as you. Your family was never going to accept me as a member. By the time you will read this, I will be very far from you. I request you not to contact me or try to find me as it will be the best for you and me. I have always loved you and will keep doing that even after death. 

Lots of Love

Raman's eyes grew wide. Taking the last sip of his coffee he slid back the note carefully in the pocket of his shirt wondering who the one with initials KJ was.

You can read the next part by clicking here-------> Time to clear the air!


  1. interesting and the mystery is building up. The old woman smiling too is a mystery.

  2. An affair. Like the story, lets see where you end it.

    1. hmmm :) i am not used to writing suspense but love stories. Every time I sit a love story angle comes in my mind :) do keep reading it and don't forget to provide feedback :)


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