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WeChat after earth!

It was the year 2050. The one thing which nobody had expected to turn up so early had already happened. Yes, this period was the end of the third world war. The crimson colored sky resided dark grey clouds, ready to burst out their anger in the form of acid. The earth seemed to loathing to support any life form on it. Plants that were once green had reduced to nothing but toxic waste. Hundreds of millions of people died, only a few survived that too were battling with numerous genetic disorders due to excessive exposure to harmful radiation. Water was there, but undrinkable. Down somewhere in the south Asia, reportedly few people had survived. One of them was Aditya.

He was in his teenage years, jovial, with a round cherubic face that can charm anyone with whom he met. With a long pointed nose, he was often teased by his friends who compared him to Pinocchio. The only difference was that his nose didn't grow when he was under stress, but was naturally long. Standing tall with the support of his right leg, he saw the barren, empty land spread across several miles beyond his blurred vision could reach. All he could see was the dead mutilated bodies of not only humans, but as well as animals. He was devastated by what he saw.  He dragged himself up against the rocky surface to reach to a crisis relief center's headquarter located a few miles away. The only thing that bothered him was that he was alone, with no trace of his family or friends.

After about two hours of creeping, he finally made it to the headquarters. Two men in deep blue colored uniforms pulled in his half conscious body, resting it gently on the bed placed at one of the corners. His breath was getting heavy with every passing minute. The emergency staff started operating on him the very next moment he was brought in. He had suffered many fractures in his upper left portion with around two broken ribs and torn left shoulder.  Oxygen mask was placed instantly to ease his breathing trouble. After few minutes of trembling, his body relaxed on the wooden bed. He was unconscious. The doctors who encircled his injured body started operating his left shoulder which needed a ligament surgery to be performed. Besides that, they thanked god for saving another mortal from the deadly nuclear attack.

The other side of bed, right side was occupied by another panel that were busy in exploring his right side, which was almost intact which left them curious to hell as how he was able to survive the attack. One of them picked up the scalpel to push open his slightly injured right foot. All were left agape as he removed gently the pale skin from above the surface near his ankle. It was made of steel like metal, rock hard. It took them no time to decipher that he was none but a rare human discovery, a partial robot. They operated upon him, bandaging his most vulnerable parts which could catch infection easily to prevent further deterioration of his bones on the left portion.


Four hours had passed but still Aditya was half awake. The sedatives had a drastic effect on the already deteriorating body from the radiations. He had nothing in his clothes except petty cash and an iPhone. The doctors had carefully placed the handset beside him. The trach tube carried oxygen to his lungs was already operating at peak. He could vividly see the images of his parents, his mother Shefali, and his father Rishab playing with him before his fatal accident that caused his right portion of his body. The iPhone was incessantly beeping. Raising his trembling hand slowly, he grabbed the phone.

It was a message from Rishab. Because of the war, the signals were quite weak but luckily he had installed WeChat application. His mobile was connected to a wireless interface within the periphery of the room in which he had been put to rest. A smile swept across his lips as he got to know that his parents were safe. Although they were far away from him, but still they rejoiced on knowing that he had survived too. He instantly called him and had a chat with Shefali too. They both were being treated at another relief center. No one gives as much strength as the healing touch of our loving parents. Rishab used to tell him, but he actually realized this at this time when he was sitting far away from them in a place where no one knew him.

Aditya: Hey dad! Where are you? I have been taken care of here at a relief center. How is mom? 

Rishab: Hey Aditya! We are safe here. Don't worry about us at all! I will get back to you when internet will be restored. The signals are pretty much weak here!

Aditya: Good to hear that dad! I am missing you both. Luckily I got a Wi-Fi connection here. It is working weakly but still can be a lot of help. 

Next, he quickly messaged Gautam, his childhood friend. He was curious to know his whereabouts. The message was sent, but was not viewed by Gautam still. A wave of worry flashed for a while on Aditya's face. He could feel something was not right. They were best friends. Every single moment of their life, they shared with each other. He was broken but he had a ray of hope that was telling him that everything was going to be alright.
Scrolling through his contacts list, he messaged next to his most important person, Lavanya, the love of his life. He recalled the fact that even after knowing about him losing his entire right side in an accident, she stood with him, like a stone. He had learnt from her to stay positive in every tough phase of life. The very next moment the phone beeped. It was a message from Gautam; he was alright but stuck with his family. Different relief centers were created to help the needy in the time of global crisis. Acknowledging receipt of his message, Aditya confirmed his well being as well as they wished each other a speedy recovery. A mark of worry still continued to flicker on his face.

Aditya: Hi Gauti! How are you? Hope all is well out there!

Gautam: Hey Adi! It feels so good to see your message. Where are you buddy? How are you? How is uncle, aunty?

Aditya: I am good Gauti, recovering! Had a chat with dad! He and mom are doing well. Everything seems to have come to a standstill! You take care of uncle and aunty!  See you soon buddy!

Scouring his contacts list further, he came across a name which he couldn't ignore at any cost, the person who saved his life. Professor and a doctor imbibed in one personality. He was none other than the one who gave him his second life, a reason to live again, Professor Sushant Kapoor. He was the one who replaced his limbs so that he could walk again. He was so much happy after he was able to stand again on his feet. Moreover at the present time he was happy to receive a reply from him. He was alright but had lost his family. In the meantime he got a message from Lavanya. He jumped in joy from inside. She was alright but had a broken shoulder which aggravated the pain in her entire left arm, but still talking to him made her forget her worry. In a matter of few minutes, Aditya was connected to most important people in his life, all because of WeChat.

Aditya: Hey Lavanya! How are you? Missing you badly! :(

Lavanya: Hey Adi! How are you? I am fine but my left shoulder hurts like hell! :(

Aditya: Just take care of yourself dear! Here I am fine and being taken care at a relief center. Talking to you made my recovery process faster. :)

Lavanya: It is so good to know that you are alright. :) Wish to see you very much soon! Missing you dear! Hey my phone's battery is going to die soon. Will message you as soon as I get back to it!
Love ya! <3

Aditya: Love ya too <3 :) 

The five most important people in Aditya's life were very far away from him but still he felt very near to them. WeChat helped him to connect with them, even in the time of crisis of Third World War.

Aditya: Sushant sir! How are you? How is all going?

Sushant: Hi Aditya! So good to see your message! I am doing good but.....

Aditya: But??

Sushant: I had lost my family! :( I can’t see any means o trace them :(

Aditya: Sir! Trust me they will be alright! You take care of yourself please!

Aditya did not receive any reply further. The Wi-Fi link was dead. He quickly closed his eyes and prayed for the well being of all! Aditya didn't realized it before but from inside he thanked WeChat a lot for letting him talk to his extremely close people in the time of crisis! 

Do try out the cool app and connect with your family and friends anywhere, anytime because it's the new way to connect!

Don't forget to check out WeChat's YouTube channel.


  1. I liked the way you narrate the story.. good read :)

  2. That's pretty out of box and I was wondering which iPhone version would be out at that time. Very interesting and good luck Saurabh :)

    1. Even I was wondering the same Saru :) That's why I didn't mention it :) thanks and all the best to you too :)

  3. Loved your take on the subject! Rd through the entire post at 1.30 am... It tells how interestingly you have written the post !

    1. Thanks a lot Anuradha for reading. It means a lot to me :)

  4. WeChat..!!
    A fluent composition ... all the best .

  5. Nice one. Title is catchy and the narration is lucid. Kudos. All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thank you Ankita for reading :) I am glad I didn't disappoint :)

  6. You followed the brief for the contest... not everyone did that. However, I wish you had included some excerpts for your WeChat discussion. All the best.

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks a lot sir :) Yes even I wanted to but the post would have been too long! So I avoided it :) Will try to put some though!

  7. Very different from the rest....Nice work !!!! All the best Saurabh :)

  8. Oh my! so out of the box concept and so well capsuled. I loved it.
    I see a winner here :D

    All The Best Saurabh! :)

    1. Thanks a ton Namrota :) It means a lot :) Glad you like it :) Same to you too :)

  9. touching story with the hint of global warming and destruction too !
    a different take
    congrats on the win :)

  10. Engaging story, Saurabh. Congats on the win!

    1. so good to see you here Rickie :) Thanks :) Glad you liked it :)

  11. Great, congratulations...I might have missed it 😊


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