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And I blushed!

I still remember the day. How can I forget the day which meant everything to me? The sun shone brighter than all other days. As usual, I was getting ready for the class. I hated accounts. The formulae seemed  a distant dream in which I was lost forever. Ms. Sheetal, our Accounts teacher was pretty, happy go lucky woman. She always had a smile on her face, even when she was scolding her students which included me as well. She was young, maybe in her late twenties. I stepped in the campus, thinking of joining my friends the canteen instead, but then I realized that my attendance was already short. The fear of getting debarred, the vision of getting scolding from my father was enough for me to choose the other path. I straight away headed to the class without thinking twice.

I was already late and the door was about to get closed but I strode as fast as I could and barged into the class. Fishing out a place to sit across around seventy students was a challenge. But i was lucky in grabbing a place at the back corner. I realized that she was taking a combined class of two sections merged together. Besides me sat a girl who was writing the notes as Ms. Sheetal was trying to make students understand the subject which seemed like an alien to me. She had a beautiful face. Her almond shaped light brown eyes were enough for anybody to fall flat on the floor. For a moment I was in a dream world of my own. The clouds I counted from one but I wanted to reach cloud number nine without taking steps.

The bantering of the students was something Ms. Sheetal couldn't tolerate. Turning towards the students, she warned them for not making noise in her class. For me, I was somewhere else. Lost in the thoughts of the gorgeous looking angel sitting besides me. But suddenly, My dreams were shattered b a piece of chalk that hit me hard. The entire fault was mine, I agree. But why she had to hit me so hard? After a lot of prodding, Ms.Sheetal allowed me to sit in the class. I did that not because I wanted to study accounts, but I wanted to sit with her. But at the same time, I wanted to know who she was!


The monsoon was just about the corner. I wanted to get drench in the rain. My mother always poked me to take an umbrella but I was reluctant. It was the second season after winters which I loved the most. My friends were waiting for me at the cafeteria. It was the right time  to have hot pakoras. Moreover, I wanted to know more about that girl. All I knew that she belonged to section B. Why all the beautiful girls are in the other section always? The moment I was cursing my fate, Abhishek stepped in to take the seat besides me. He was a good friend of mine. "Hi Saurabh, how are you buddy?" He brought his hand forward for a handshake. "I am good buddy. How are you?" I said passing some pakoras towards him. "No thanks!" He politely refused the offer. After having talks about here and there type, I decided to straightaway come to the point. I was getting restless. "I heard about a new admission in your class. So how's she?" I winked. "You should see her, buddy! She is not less than a doll!" He sighed. 

"She is that beautiful? What's her name?" I pretended like a lost child. "She is Neha. The most beautiful part is that she has chosen the same subjects except banking and insurance, which we have chosen!" He told me a lot of things about her which were related to her at college level. I wanted to know more about her which I had to know only by personally approaching her. I skipped my first class while meeting Abhishek. He already had a free lecture. He came early for completing his assignment which Ms. Sheetal had given the previous day. I was once again lost in Neha's thoughts.
The thing that gave me goosebumps was that Ms. Sheetal was taking another combined class. My heart was pacing fast. I wanted to take a seat next to her at any cost. I strode inside the class. Struggling again to find a seat for poor me. Luckily,  was able to find a place beside her again. She kept her hair open that day. The shining long strands of hair were falling over her forehead which made her look even more cute. She removed the tuft gently. 

Ms. Sheetal was questioning about something from all the students. But I was least bothered. I wanted to play with her hair, wanted to fell them with my hands. I was in my own world when I heard Sheetal calling her name. "Neha, have you done your assignment?" She asked. Neha stood up from her seat. "Yes ma'am." Her mellifluous  voice soothed my ears. I was in love for sure. I was so lost that I forgot that next was my turn. "Saurabh, have you done your assignment?" She screamed this time on the top of her voice. I was perplexed. It was like a paralytic attack has just struck my nervous system. Assignment? When did she give it? My silence was my answer. "When you get time from gazing your partner, then you will worry about the assignment." She said sarcastically. Everybody in the class started laughing......And I blushed

"Shh..." She made everybody quiet. She gave a last warning to me giving a deadline to complete the assignment that evening itself. I apologized and took the seat. I was hesitant at first but I decided to talk to her. "Excuse me..." I said, clearing my throat. She was taking down some notes but she turned her head towards me. "Did she gave an assignment yesterday?" I sighed. "Yes." She nodded. "Can I borrow from you if you don't mind? I am pretty weak in accounts." I blinked. My heart skipped a beat or two. Without giving a second thought, she passed on me her notebook. I promised her to return it by evening. "No problem." She said smiling. I was on cloud nine, this time in real. It was just a beginning of a new chapter of my life.
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  1. wow! enjoyed your little romantic story.

  2. Oops... I saw u... I saw Neha...
    I saw Ms Sheetal...
    And I felt the innocence in u..
    Awesomely romantic write-up!!!

  3. Awww this was so damn cute and Saurabh the picture completely suits it. Actually the pic itselfs tells a story of its own and matches the prompt so well!!

    1. Thanks a lot Privy :) I am so glad that you liked it :)

  4. Now this reminds me of our school days. Enjoyed reading it!

  5. aww.. this is such a cute romance.. reminds me of my school day crushes :P lovely write up :)

    1. Thanks Meera :) but I didn't make it to WOW this time :( anyways thanks :)

    2. it is indeed a... WOW.. what a cute post! :D

  6. Thanks Shaivi :) and welcome to my blog :)


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