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This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Live 2013.

We all once in our lifetime, face situations that are beyond our control. At that time, we are rendered useless as we couldn't take control of the situation at hand and therefore succumb to it. This usually happens when we want to fulfill our dreams but somehow are a victim of circumstances around us. Every person on this planet has some goals. Some achieve them by being selfish, some by being selfless. No matter how, everyone wants results to be delivered. In the office, Managers want their subordinates to complete work in time. If not completed, then they might not get an increment. Progress always takes time and that definitely depends on how much effort one has put into it.

For some, getting a Mercedes is a dream comes true while on the other hand a poor may cheer up if he gets petty cash to be able to feed their family twice in a day. It all depends on the individual mindset. The environment in which he/she was brought up in, his/her friend circle, the education etc. There are several factors which together encapsulate the individual’s way of thinking and contribute to one's own personality. Some people succeed early in life, some late, some might even don't know what failure and success actually means.

Nowadays, it is unfortunate that the tolerance, the patience, these words are losing their meaning. People are more interested in others problems rather than solving their own. The students being overburdened with pressure of studies as well as tough competition is taking away the innocence and childhood from them. There are numerous cases of students committing suicides because of failure in exams or they were not able to meet the expectations of the society. Why the tolerance, patience not there? Why they are being pressurized for taking subjects which are more popular but not their ultimate goal? There are millions of such questions that keep ringing in our heads but when they are asked, they fall to deaf ears. Those who could resist survive, others simply quit!

Failure is the most dreadful term for people today. They all want to be successful. They fear rejection. But they fail to realize that failure is the first step towards success. So what takes it build that mindset of being successful? I would like to discuss few from my own experiences in life.

1) Don't be afraid of failure:

I see many people getting a phobia from this term. Failure is just a step that takes the one to a level higher. Take on this, if one wouldn't fail, one would not be able to know his/her true potential. Learning comes from every second of one's life. Taking failure as a step is the key to get closer to the goal. Failure is nothing to be afraid of but an indication that one can do much better than he/she has already done.

2) Avoid slip ups:

There will be many times when results will be slower or one might not get any result from that extra effort he/she puts in but one should avoid slipping. One should focus on the goal and keep in mind that these delays are evident part of life. One should think of slip up as if they are happening for some good.

3) Be optimistic:

Being optimistic boosts one's mood and chances of getting a positive result are brighter. Optimism is something which one needs to preach over time till it becomes a habit.

4) Stay focused, no matter what:

Focus on the goal one wants to achieve according to me. One should aim to get closer his/her goals every single day. This way, one will not regret.

5) Stay motivated:

There are several things which motivate. It all depends from person to person. For some, music is motivation while reading is a motivation for the other. Whatever the case may be individually, one should stay motivated not only for reaching the goal but after that too!

6) Be patient:

Patience is a virtue. If one preaches it for every single task, he/she will be able to get their goals fulfilled successfully. Practicing it will be very helpful.

7) Believe in yourself:

It's often said if you want people to believe in you, first you should believe in yourself. I still remember a time when I was not able to believe that I wrote a great story. My friend told me "If you don't believe in yourself, how you expect people to believe in you?" That day, I started believing what I felt was right and started doing accordingly with a belief that it will lead to a positive outcome.

8) Keep trying, till you succeed:

This one doesn't need any introduction. Sometimes, to give the best shot, one may have to try a thousand times. Take it as a challenge and embrace it with open hands.

9) Reward yourself, even for a small achievement:

Rewarding is a powerful tool which inspires one to get better the next time. It actually acts as an unsatisfied greed. It makes one prone to getting something in return for one's deeds.

The crux of the problem is that people don't want to introduce a change in their routines. It causes them to see failures every time they try. Change is the only thing which can tell if the way you did earlier was right or wrong. Consistently trying to learn and never giving up are the best tools which one can incorporate in his/her routine to make things happen exactly the way they want them to happen.

I would like to share my experience in brief. I was not able to clear my engineering examinations in first attempt. Only Mathematics which was and which is my favorite subject and the related ones were the only exception. But I didn't give up. I tried and tried until I cleared my exams with required qualifying percentage.

So wake up, it’s never too late to get closer to your goals because at the end all that matters is you!


  1. You have rightly said that ultimately what matters is you.

  2. Right! Working on yourself and saying life is all about learning and unlearning helps. All the best Saurabh.

  3. loved reading it bro like an inspirational chapter :) all the best for the contest

  4. Nothing is difficult .Only impossible takes time.
    One must concentrate on one's goal as Arjun had on the eye of the fish and tink positive

  5. very very optimistic and motivating .. superb presentation .. on the theme .. and the snap .. is that taken by you ?


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