Jul 14, 2013

Indigenous to this world...

Saurabh Chawla |

indigenous to this world poem by saurabh chawla
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Indigenous to this world, so heavenly
The oath that one has to stay bind to
Has been made to fade away so cleverly
Not too fast, nor too slow, but gradually hitherto

Who will be the benefactor, who will be the antagonist?
Slowly decreasing the charm by being so phony 
Gain some, lose some, one should act like a protagonist
The times have gone away when one tried to be crony 
The fact remains as it is, mortality is the truth
Trying too hard to push yourself, giving the best
Some succeed in living, some give up their youth
But they fail to keep in mind, they are better than the rest

Wrapping one's mind in the best memories, try to laugh endlessly
Some rest is needed to recover better, wish you knew
Don't forget, you are indigenous to this world, so heavenly
Stick to the oath you have taken to stay always bound to!

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  1. Took me a moment to grasp the meaning until I reached the point where you connected the poem with the title.

  2. You write so well, Saurabh...I remember from a few years back when you started experimenting (I feel so) and you have come a long way.
    Amazing poem!

    1. Yes Alok. Infact, this poem was written that time only :) Thanks a lot for the kind words Alok. :)


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