Jul 26, 2013


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mirror reflections poems by saurabh chawla
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I looked closely in the mirror
Intrigued by the reflection
The fine lines on the forehead
Struggle is all they reveal

So young yet so old
Someone else I believe I see
Recollecting the memories hidden deep
Good or bad whatever, nothing I feel

The nerves got damaged I guess
No pain, only numbness is there
All the moves I tried, rubbed the eyes
Even though I knew I was not dreaming

The person from the other side stared at me
No regrets, no sorrow in the eyes I saw
No the mirror couldn't be wrong
It reflects on its own, not by anyone's behest!


  1. The mirror is a true reflection not only of the face but the deep feelings inside man.I read a poem where the mirror says that a man does not like a mirror as it reflects the true picture while the candles and the moon are liars.

  2. The mirror... says much more than what it says....

    Lovely post!

    1. True Privy :) Thanks for stopping by and reading the post :) Glad you liked it :)


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