Jul 2, 2013


Saurabh Chawla |

obsessed insecure poems by saurabh chawla
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Turning your back towards the damped soul
Will only lead to the feeling of betrayal
From the hell or heaven it might have returned
Unknown is the source, need to make it whole

Traveled a million miles, distance unprecedented
It is in search of it's identity, whether created or gifted
To know the original address where it belongs to
Otherwise it will be forced to be dented

From deep down somewhere, it is screaming
Maybe in noise, it is often left unheard
No, hearing it's cries only is not enough 
But you have to prevent the weaning

To love, to care, to nurture the inner desires
Is all that is needed to be in an equilibrium
Sometimes there needs to be an obsession
To stop the thirsty soul, before it retires!

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