Jul 17, 2013

Times flow by!

Saurabh Chawla |

times flow by, clock
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The times flow by like the clouds
With you left unaware of the pace
Eating away your thoughts, you go on
Even if it is leading to only one thing, disgrace!

The heavenly aroma, that flickering candle
The beaming of the sky, you fail to enjoy
Just a reminder for you of the chores
Which can transform sorrow to joy

The hours sweep so slow, unaware
The impeccable tune of the wind
Steering clear leaving you perplexed
With a lightning bolt, the darkness signed

The mark left up there will stay adhered
Reminding you of the best times you missed
Fading away the darkness of the soul
You will feel as if it's the light you just kissed! 


  1. very well written Saurabh. This reminds me of a quote I read sometimes back, which says “There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

  2. time waits for none.. beautifully written..

  3. Saurabh thank u for stopping by at my post with encouraging words. Now that I'm here I am floored. Ur a composer...
    Well this one has some elements... . But what I loved how u brought all that together in the end.
    I hope I've got something of ur drift if not will be glad if u educate me.
    Btw sometimes even I feel like I'm not doing enough...and am just flowing...feel disgraced but hey I can't bring it all out so beautifully together.
    Cheers to that. :))

    1. Thanks a lot Shivani :) That means a lot to me :) Do follow up on my blog for more interesting posts :) I am so so glad you liked this one :)

  4. Lovely Saurabh....
    "The heavenly aroma, that flickering candle
    The beaming of the sky, you fail to enjoy"

    We do fail to enjoy the beautiful moments life and time gives us... beautifully written


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