Aug 9, 2013

Drifting apart

Saurabh Chawla |

shadow drifting apart
Image source: here.

Drifting apart
Screaming out loud
Shadows in the sun
Piercing the clouds

The beauty surreal
The touch serene
Lusting fire within
Doesn't seem to cease

The smoking ashes
Warming up the skin
Don't let it escape
Burning the desires

The sun is hidden
Beneath the charred clouds
The time is forcing
Shadows to come closer

The pelting of the rain
Letting dry velvet to wet
The two souls unite
This time no one could stop!
PS: The sentence used in the second line of last verse contains two opposites dry and wet as highlighted.

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  1. Nice poetry Saurabh...Very precise use of words...a good read... :)

  2. used the opposites very well. The last verse is powerful yet romantic.

  3. Ah Love!!

    I love anything to do with that emotion! This is a nice poem! Good luck!

  4. I still have to learn to write short poems
    Good one on the prompt !

    1. Thanks Afshan :) Keep writing and cut the long poem short using words carefully and aptly, you will make it for sure :)

  5. Amazing poem Saurabh. loved it completely... good take on the prompt too

  6. Nice poem, nice innovative use of the prompt

  7. Wow... truly a WOW attempt. Loved it!!

    Congrats <3

  8. Very Perfectly expressed the drifting apart. Well Done.

  9. Blossom of Love! How I understand that :)

  10. Wow... This is beautiful Saurabh :) :) Keep writing.. If you want to explore more, stop by Blog-a-Ton

    Someone is Special

  11. Lovely poem and I loved the last verse, the use of antonyms in it.


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