Aug 23, 2013

Love is allure

Saurabh Chawla |

love is allure by saurabh chawla

Love is remarkable, love is adore
Between the lovers, emotions galore
Up towards the eternity, it lures
Tempted deeply by the lovers, the love is allure

Slowly it rises, never turning back
Beyond the mortal's imagination, magnifies the knack
Two unknown souls unite, fame taken aback
It may be slow, but rapidly it can hack

The tiny droplets, as pure as pearls
You can't imagine, how much are the earls
A nice feeling even though one is in a swirl
This is love, one will surely love the curls

Looking beyond the horizon, tough to redeem
To elude was bliss, love is supreme
The desires so hot, no, let them steam
To love forever, is every lover’s dream


  1. very true...
    a dream it is... to be in love n b loved forever!!!

  2. A very cheesy poem. The ending line was just brilliant.

  3. There are so many ways of describing love and every person have their emotions attached to it. You poem was just a way to describe it in many words.. and the title said it all. Kudos :)

  4. what a lovely dreamy poem :) congos to u


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