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Perfect picturesque

The Character Contest - Winner

perfect pictresque by saurabh chawla

Her slender frame
Which I cannot blame
The fineness, the texture
So tender is her gesture

Black silk swept in the wind
With her charm, ambiance dimmed
The long strands, felt so sleek
Can turn anyone from loafer to a geek

Her beady eyes made me fly
I don’t care even if the look was sly
Lost somewhere I was in her eyes
It was not easy, I had to prise

The prominent lips of her
Softer than the softest fur
Every word she spoke was lyrical
Its no theory, but truly empirical

Glistening under the sun, her waxed skin
Tanned were her arms, a mole on her chin
The precious assets made her indomitable
I hope the ties will remain amicable

She scurries across me every day
I want to touch her but she is a Fay
Longing to hold her tight
With her only, it will be a perfect picturesque!

Dedicated to a girl whom I never miss to see as she strides across me every morning.

This post is written for the Indiblogger Contest 'The Character'. Do check out the link Jacob Hills on Amazon.


  1. Very nice...loved it.

  2. I loved how you created it. Beautiful thought behind a much beautiful poem.

    1. Thanks Saru :) yes indeed it was random but still I decided to pen it down :)

  3. so nice brother...keep up the great work ....Congratulations.


    1. Thanks a lot Pratyush :) Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Lovely poem.... sounds like the realty flew into the rhythm of ur poem...

    who is that lovely one bro :) :P

    1. Thanks Kajal :) I don't know her name still bro :P :)

  5. Well-penned, Saurabh. Congrats again!


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