Oct 2, 2013

A stranger in the mirror by Sidney Sheldon – a review

Saurabh Chawla |
A stranger in the mirror by sidney sheldon

Author: Sidney Sheldon

Number of pages: 348

Publisher: Harper Collins

Genre: Fiction

My Verdict:
This book was my second book by the same author in the year 2013: As per the book is concerned, after reading The naked face by the same author, I picked this book as a lover of his work. He is truly a master story teller. He is also a Guinness world records holder for the most translated author. In this book the author deals with he lives of two very important people. Toby Temple and Jill Castle. After I started reading the book, it became difficult for me to put the book down before it was finished. A fast moving, engrossing, intriguing and many other similar words which one can think of  can be used to describe the tale.

The most interesting part about Sidney Sheldon is his engaging plots as well as the relationships among his characters as depicted by him is a very strong point which results the book to be a page turner. Also, the description of the places as well as the location preferences are good enough for the reader to have a strong grasp about the characters and the plot. As the book summary suggests about being a person to make people cry is easy but to make people laugh is difficult, and he himself has dedicated this book to all the comedians having or possessing this wondrous gift from the gods.

As the story progresses from showing the early child births of both the characters, the plot becomes more intriguing at the middle point of the book. The writing style of the author is truly a gift to him by the god which I believe is not possessed by all. His way of depicting how two people unknown to each other are met in such an intriguing way and how they live their life even if one partner is subjected to  paralysis. Another strong point which I like about the author is his way of ending the story. It is so realistic and not just for the sake of it.

Sidney Sheldon has truly shown almost all the emotions of the characters involved in this book. Desperation, rage, amusement, frustration, passion etc. are depicted impeccably by the author at the right circumstances. Sidney Sheldon truly knows how to make his readers crave for more and more. The most interesting thing about the author which excites me is his work is written around more than thirty years ago.

Another strong point about the author which I feel is his handling of all the characters very well. He makes up a story in such a way that his reader is actually watching a movie in front of his/her eyes. This is something which makes it easy for his readers to relate perfectly. Even he has written/produced many television series at that time. One of my favorite TV series of the nineties era was ‘I dream of Jeanie’ which he also produced. The author takes care of each and every single thing as to what is happening in the story and makes sure his readers are not disappointed at all. If you are a true Sidney Sheldon fan, go for this book.  

My Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Oh! I am a true Sydney Sheldon fan..
    I have read all his books and I just love his style of writing...

    "Stranger in the mirror" is the first fiction that I ever read in my life...

    I particularly love this book because the author takes us through the lives of the protagonists... From their birth to death...

    Your post made me nostalgic...

    Thanks Saurabh!

    1. Yes Satya! He truly writes great and his works are all quick and wonderful reads :)


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