Oct 6, 2013

The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi – a review

Saurabh Chawla |

Author: Ashwin Sanghi

Publisher: Westland

Number of pages: 464

Genre: Thriller

My Verdict:
I was checking out some books in the thriller genre at a book store when I tumbled upon this book. Without giving a second thought after reading the summary, I decided to buy it. The Mahabharata times as well as the research for the ancient Vedic age is a perfect combination and a baseline for this book. First of all I would like to thank the author for bringing out the story and collaborating it with the ancient age which is a tough task and he has been done very good in it.

One thing which I loved about the book was the life of Krishna – the blue god is illustrated in phases from his birth till the end and the author has made sure to make these phases in parallel to the different sequences he has portrayed in the book. Second thing which I loved was as I was reading the book, the experience was like as if I was watching a movie. The perfect use of language, the dialogues and use of simple vocabulary makes a reader’s experience wonderful.

Also, the author’s creative imagination in framing out character’s names is the next thing which I loved. He has taken care of each and every character involved in the story very well and made sure that none of them is left alone. The story in all is a riveting thriller which takes you from historical age to a modern age with a beautiful journey. The Himalayas especially the mount Kailash, Agra are beautifully described and are relevant to the story line. In short, This book is a wonderful quick read for all who love thrillers with a touch of history especially the ancient Vedic ages.

The author has used perfect way of showing the serial killings which is justified. If you love a thriller/suspense which is a heart stopping tale with deep research on history, then go get this book and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

My rating: 4/5


  1. I have read this book but I preferred 'Chanakya's Chants'.

  2. Yes Kalpana :) that book was his best one :) Will post its review soon :)

  3. 4 is a good rating.. i hav heard a lot about this book and the author...but i am reluctant to pick this book for some reason

    1. Yes Ritesh. I gave it a 4 because of research conducted as well as effort put by the author. What reason bothers you for picking this book?

  4. By default, I am slightly averse towards books which tend to veer towards philosophy/mythology. So, that may be a reason

    1. maybe but they are a good source for enhancing one's knowledge about History/philosophy which I am afraid have been tampered a lot many times before reaching us.


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