Oct 27, 2013

Untouched is the soul

Saurabh Chawla |

untouched soul

Untouched is the soul
Wherever it goes
Boundless yes it is
Complete in itself as a whole

The temptations, the lust
Are merely the body’s desires
Which go away so easily
After the body is reduced to dust

From far away above
A shooting star appears
Resembling a bullet on fire
Look closely, it’s a beautiful dove

Untouched is the soul
Of the gentle touch of the flowers
Or the mighty whips of wrath
Hell or heaven is its ultimate goal

Of all the skirmishes
Or all the kisses
Free from all the feelings
Only one, a guilt which blemishes it

One mourns, Other prays
For the peace of the dead
Expressing the lament, it is burnt
But the soul still stays

Untouched is the soul
Decide where you want to be
Stay free. Forgive and forget the guilt
Living without it, is nothing but a hole.

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  1. This was sooo true!! Loved it..
    Temptations are restricted just to the body and the mind.. The soul remains untouched!

  2. Ah! That's beautiful. Loved the poignancy of it! :)

  3. The soul of the soul is beautifully expressed :)
    good one

  4. you guys write poems so well....i can never achieve it :'(

    1. c'mon Ritesh :) do one thing. Sit at a place where it's calm and just think about the words and write them. Rhyme them later. You would surely be able to write one :)


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