Nov 10, 2013

Running away…

Saurabh Chawla |
running away-poem by saurabh chawla

Running away…
From darkness
Like a pendulum I sway
Tired of the painful sharpness

Tried to stay calm
Maintained the inner peace
Causing much more harm
But now I resist to cease

Running away…
From the small
To make a way
Tired of the inner brawl

Sometimes I feel apologetic
For this severe condition
It may seem to you poetic
But it is not a rendition

Running away…
From all the bad
To face the good
Saying goodbye to being sad

Enough of the sarcasm
It’s too hard to handle
Falling into a deep chasm
Extinguished once, now I am the burning candle!

Click here to read 'The burning candle...'


  1. Wish we could all do dat.. run away from darkness.. Sigh !

    But very well written Saurabh :)

  2. Ah! The poignancy in this piece is overwhelming.
    Loved it :)


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