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Yes I did it, so can you!


First of all, I would like to thank you all for sharing the most prestigious moment of my life as I stand here in front of you holding this award. Let me tell you a wonderful thing that happened to me when I started to blog. Unaware I was, about the blogging platform. My mind wandered in many directions. Sometimes it said, Lets start a technical blog!You are very good with computers. Then the mind said, Lets start a completely different review based blog, You can do it, It’s easy for you. I headed in both the directions, but somewhat was lost with the idea as to I didn’t know where I was heading to! No I am not expert at this thing, not even proficient in it! It’s not my cup of tea, Are you listening?  I used to stare myself in the eyes night after night. But I didn’t listen to it. All I was doing, was done by thousands of them already. I felt like getting lost in the crowd. Yes, you can do it! I always faked my gut feeling.
But today, as I stand here holding this trophy, I owe this completely to my parents, who supported me every time. No matter in what direction I headed to, I always found their hands picking me up whenever I fell. I owe this to my esteemed readers, who always stood beside me, supported me and with their feedback, today I am able to reach here, in front of you. You all are the source of inspiration for me. Like a light at the end of a dark tunnel shows the way to a lost wanderer, you all…light my way. Like a candle is nothing without a wick, a body is nothing without a soul, a writer is nothing without its readers!
I began writing poems first! Today when I look back at them, I say with widened eyes I have written this crap?. Today as I stand here, I have come a long way in the blogging journey. The important part is the perseverance, the patience and the persistence. I failed many times, but tried to do better every next time. One thing I would like to share with you all sitting here, learning is something which should never be stopped! Once a person stops learning, he stops growing. If he stops growing, there is a dead end, my friends. Do you agree? Every body has to die some day, So why not do something which will make a positive impact? At least you will rest in peace with no regrets!
I started writing stories as I felt I was an imaginative person. Sometimes when I closed my eyes, I could see a entire film. I know it may seem weird to many of you sitting here, but it is what it is (haha). Holding this award from Blogadda, I can say only one thing, I believed in what I wrote. Yes I believed in each and every single word I wrote all this time. I believed in making a positive impact with every word. The best part of it is I love whatever I write. Consider doing something which you don’t love at all! After a certain period of time, you would regret it. At that moment of time you would say, I wasted my time with this. I wish I could have done that. I wished I had gotten out of my comfort zone!
Rules, rules , rules every time you will be forced by your friends, peers, relatives, even parents to follow the rules. We get tired of all the prodding and start following the rules. What we do is nothing except putting limitation to our own path of growth. It’s like inviting a snake to bite you just because you don’t want to move from your place. Just think about this. It’s never too late to start doing what you have always loved to do! I promise you would not regret it. Stop thinking about it and take the plunge, my friends. You could be the next one standing here with this award in your hands. Finally, I would like to thank you all again for making this possible today. Yes I did it, so can you!
This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!


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