Dec 7, 2013

From the infinity......

Saurabh Chawla |

from the infinity poem saurabh chawla
Image taken from here.
From the infinity......
I call upon you
To embrace me
Till the eternity

I smile, I cry
Thinking of you
Fear of losing you
Makes my mouth dry

Wondering about the things
You always do to protect me
Would I be ever thankful enough
For the joy your embrace brings

Being true to myself, you always advice
What others think of you, none matters
What you believe is what it takes
Just being full of faith is suffice

Off you throw me from the cliff
To form the wings as per my wish
I don't know the height, the depth
Just a free fall it is, I will not be stiff!

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  1. Nice. Don't use 'the' before the word 'eternity'. 'Till eternity'


Your comments are priceless!

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