Dec 8, 2013


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parcel birthday gift
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The day was Sunday, Everything seemed normal except for Kavita's mood. She normally used to be good but since last few days she would scream, shout, walk here and there in the house with frizzled hair. I tried hard to calm her down. I wanted to know what was troubling her and forced her to behave this way. But she remained alienated. But that Sunday, some unexplainable events occurred. I was busy with some office work on my laptop. All of a sudden I saw Kavita came in the room screaming at the top of her voice, "You know what? I am leaving. I can't take this any longer." She bellowed.

"I held her by her hand, I made her sit beside me on the round bed. Her frizzled hair were spread all over her face. She wore a white tee with a blue jeans. The sparkling diamond nose ring accentuated her appearance more. "What happened Kavita? Are you all right?" I gently pushed back the tuft of black curly hair from her face. She pressed her eyes hard. "Enough Rajat. As if you don't know anything. That secretary of yours is the root of all cause." Kavita was over possessive. Only to keep her happy, This was the 10th time tat I was forced to change my secretary. "Now what happened? What did she do now?" I asked gently putting my hand in hers just to assure her that everything was alright. "I saw her calls in the middle of the night!" She screamed this time. It was deafening. "Must been having some work dear!" I urged her to keep her calm.

After about twenty minutes of prodding, our talks were distracted by ringing of the doorbell. I left her in the room and went out to answer the door. There was no one out there except for a parcel kept impeccably on the outside. A crimson ribbon was wrapped around it. "I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it." What if she comes to know about my truth? What if Kavita sees this? I have to hide this at any cost! "Who's on the door Rajat?" She had already come downstairs. It's too late now! I am going to be get caught. "What are you hiding at the back?" She pointed towards the parcel. She had seen it. I was getting very much worried. At the end with no option left I passed on the parcel to her. Her eyes drew more blood. She was in a fit of rage. "See I told you! i always suspected of your secretary." She scowled.

"Kavita! Just have a look at it first please." I insisted after studying her for a while. She was breathing heavy now. I looked in her eye, insisting even more harder this time, "Please." She was more angry with a well packed, sweet odored parcel with my name on it. After tearing off the cover, suddenly she smiled. All her anger seemed to disappear now. She dropped the parcel on the floor and hugged me in excitement. "Happy birthday Kavita." I whispered in her ear.This time she was surprised!

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