Feb 23, 2014

Seriousness is very serious, really!

Saurabh Chawla |

Seriousness is a very serious disease, something which everybody has. At some point of time, we all get serious at some point of our lives. This cycle, unfortunately begins when we are born. Today I am going to share with you some serious things. The funny part is that these are linked somewhat to being serious. Don't get serious after reading these is the only promise I would like you all to make before reading this. Read on to get serious about this disease.

About twenty six years ago when Vipin was born, there was a kind of worry which was clear on his parents faces. The preparation for his expenses, his better than his parents lifestyle etc. It all started when he was born. Many a times his parents suffered because of fulfilling his demands by compromising theirs. The sleepless nights because of his crying in an untimely manner usually made them skeptical about his normalcy. 

Times flew by unaware. His parents turned old and he turned young day by day. One day Vipin was standing in the balcony of their double storied kothi*. As usual, their neighbors, who were culturally sindhis were the interruption in his life, probably the biggest problem of his life. Whenever he stepped out of the home, Anita aunty would always interfere in his way. He respected her a lot, not  because she was elder to him but because he was taught in his childhood days that if a black cat crosses the path, then he should join his hands and pray to god for preventing something bad happening that day. One day, something unusual happened.

Vipin stepped out of his house as usual. He overheard Anita aunty, the neighbor talking to his mother. 'What's the planning for the future? Have you seen how he is dressed up all the time?.... Blah Blah Blah!' Not again! Vipin was tired of all this stuff. Not because he would have to get serious but because he would have listen to serious lecture of his parents with seriousness! The formula was absolutely crystal clear in his mind, whatever happened he always followed the rule of being oneself. If one is funny, he or she is wasting time getting into serious business! That day he went out for the walk calmly without thinking about the talk he overheard. 

As he reached the park, he was approached by Gupta uncle, one of his father's friends. The same questions followed which irritated him to the core. He decided to stop thinking about it too much. He was getting serious now. He went home, didn't talk with anybody, strode straight into his room and slept. Next day he woke up restless. That day he dressed in formals, had a nice breakfast on the table with his dad. His parents were happy, but somewhere he missed something. He missed himself. But he didn't talk with them much. 

After about a week, they started noticing some differences in his attitude. He was not like before. Anita aunty even proposed marriage of her daughter with him to which he politely refused. In this, even his parents were confused about his attitude. He had completely transformed himself. He didn't enjoy the parties, didn't come home late in night like before. All the time he was told to get serious for his life. One day Anita aunty came to their home. It was a surprise visit. 

'You know something? Your son is suffering from depression. Samjha lo isko, nahi to akelepan me marr jayega! He will die of loneliness one day, literally.' She started with a bang. Parents after all, are parents. That night Vipin's father called him in his room to talk with him. 'Son, I know you have given up the bad habits but don't you think that you are lonely? Is there something troubling you?' Vipin's eyes widened. He assured him that everything was fine and he was not suffering from any depression-wepression.

The next day came as a huge shock for his parents as well as for his neighbor, Anita aunty. He stood out again as he was before. Anita aunty who always kept an eye on their house, came barging in again. 'Dekha maine bola tha na! I told you that there is some mental problem with him. Vipin sat next to her and offered her a Cadbury 5 Star chocolate. Take it, you need it, AUNTY! He said with a mischievous smile. 'Enough now! This house belongs to mad people.' After listening to hustle and bustle, his father came out of the room. He was surprised to see his son clad in a denim capri with only a vest as top. 

He wore a kiddish smile on his face. 'What happened to you?'  'I told you that your son is mad! I am out of here!' Anita was about to walk away when she was stopped by Vipin. He continued. 'Dad, why you so worried?' 'I am neither mad, nor depressed. What has happened to you? You are my father, you now me better than Anita aunty, for god's sake.' 

He had many questions whih he needed answers of. Some of them are citing below.

1) Why is Anita aunty more interested in my life than her own daughter's?
2) Why she has a problem with my dressing sense when her own daughter wears weird clothes.
3) Why you being my parents, come in the trap of Anita aunty and have a doubt on your own son's mental health?

All the time he was told to get serious but that seriousness led his own parents to doubt him. He turned towards Anita aunty, 'Aunty, I respect you. But I am sorry to say that aapki condition serious hai. You need to get yourself treated of this disease of interfering in other people's lives. This way, he opened up the eyes of his parents and started living his life as before, the fun way.  Anita aunty stopped interfering in their lives because she found her tenant's son's life more interesting to interfere into! Same old Anita aunty. 

Thanks for reading it. Hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: This story is not intended to harm anybody's sentiments. This is just a general depiction of certain human behaviors in a funny but informative way. If you feel like suffered from a similar situation before, jsu turn toward such people and don't forget to tell them that unki #ConditionSeriousHai.

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