Feb 4, 2014

The unexpected atrocity...

Saurabh Chawla |

This part is in continuation. Please read the first part The unforgettable night before reading this part.

SSP Aman Rathore was a courageous and decisive person. His square face's charm was accentuated by the imperial mustache. He squared his shoulders and walked towards the bedroom of the big house. The long plated golden curtains provided the much needed lustrous touch to the room. On the east side was a wall, a 56 inches wide television was mounted at the center of it. All appears to be well here! He ruled out he possibility of any brawl that might have taken place inside. All the things from kitchen to bedroom were intact. The one thing which he noticed and found out to be peculiar was that the second television had been left turned on. 

Aman called in the watchman who was on duty that night. He also didn't see anything happening in the house or the patio. 'How come you haven't seen anybody? Were you not doing your duty?' Aman bellowed. 'I...I remain outside the gate during the night time. I was just following the orders of Suhas sir.' Aman gestured him to step aside. He planned to take a stroll in the patio, probably to find some clues. 

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The cloud of suspense was darkening now. He checked each and every corner of the patio. He came across the edge from where he thought Nikita might have been kidnapped. He could notice some of the flower pots being turned upside down. Ah! An indication of a brawl!  There were some scratch marks on the grass as well. Probably Nikita tore off some grass while resisting the kidnap. After about half hour of struggle, he found out a clue. A silver anklet with a N studded on it. But it was the only one, the second one was missing. Seems as if it belonged to Nikita. He collected all the evidence and left for the police station. 

While on his way, he tried hard to contact Suhas. He was unsure about whether the kidnapper had called him regarding ransom money. But his attempts to contact him went in vain. Probably he is on the way too!
A couple of kos* away, he was stopped by a bustling throng. The chauffeur parked the jeep in the designated spot. Aman alighted from the vehicle. Moving towards the edge where embers flew from the burnt out coal, he paved his way through the babel. A corpse laid in front of his eyes. It appeared to be of a woman, bared. The face had been severely beaten by some heavy object. Probably the assassin didn't want it to be recognized. For a moment, Aman turned away his head in disgust. Such bestiality still exists in our society!

He scanned the body to find out some clues. The next thing which transpired left a confounding affect on Aman's face. A silver anklet was impeccably worn on the right foot. What made his jaw dropped was that it too had an N studded on it.

You can read the next part by clicking Infernal temerity....

Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story are born out of author's imagination. It's resemblance with any person is purely coincidental.

*The word kos means (in India), a unit of land distance of various lengths from 1 to 3 miles (1.6 to 4.8 km).


  1. And the suspense thickens. You seriously love playing with smart police officers in your stories.

  2. Oh come on, its 10 days already, write the sequel.

    1. yes Asteria! I was a bit busy with other assignments. Will write it today or tomorrow for sure :)


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