Mar 2, 2014

One fine night!

Saurabh Chawla |
girl running in night
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In the month of December, the chilly winters took over the city of Delhi with pride. The sky was clear with the full moon smiling from above but the icy winds forced even the warm of the warmest bloodied persons to stay indoors in the comfort of their homes. The roads were clean with no sign of life. In the eerie silence of the night, Natasha was running from something or someone, perhaps. The twenty-three year old, final year college student was being followed by some people. All she could sense was some shadows. She entered a large edifice which appeared to be a parking area. She wrapped around her face the kerchief for two reasons, one to prevent herself from cold and second to prevent herself from being identified in this chase of cat and mouse.

The crimson colored kerchief acted as a perfect veil. She knew she was being followed but the reason remained delitescent. Hiding behind one of the pillars which supported the large edifice, she could feel her assassin paces away behind other pillar. Crouching, she craned her neck in order to look out if the way was clear or not, with no sign of the killer, she tip-toed noiselessly to the next pillar. She lowered down the kerchief from her nose allowing some oxygen to enter her lungs. ‘I got you!’ She heard a raucous voice from behind. She could feel the barrel of a pistol at her waist just above her hips. He had wrapped his other arm around her neck resulting in a choke hold. Wasting no time because of fear, she pinched the midriff of the assassin with her elbow, rendering him motionless for a while. The next moment she was in the air, with one leg on the pillar, tossing in the air completing a 360 degree somersault.

The writhing assassin geared up for action after few seconds of pain. He reached for his pocket to fish out an injection. The plan was to get her alive with no failing in the mission. He charged ahead where she stood waiting for another strike. No matter how flexible and strong her slender frame was, but she was no match for the energy of the man who was in front of her. Within no time he choke-hold her again and what she felt was a prick. ‘You won’t get away with this… You wo…’ The darkness of the night took over her. She cussed herself for gazing steely too long at the syringe causing him to take over her. The last thing she remembered was she was being dragged with her getting lost somewhere in the silence of the night.

Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story are born out of author's imagination. It's resemblance with any person is purely coincidental.

To be continued. 


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