Apr 26, 2014

A Mysterious Death at Sainik Farms by Rukmani Anandani - a review

Saurabh Chawla |
a mysterious death at sainik farms by rukmani anandani cover image
A Mysterious Death at Sainik Farms by Rukmani Anandani

Author:- Rukmani Anandani

Number of Pages:- 240

Publisher:- Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd.

Genre:- Fiction

My Verdict:-

When I picked this book, the thing in my mind was to read a book which has an interesting story and is a quick read; one that can be read during the evening snack hours. I browsed through Flipkart and came across this book. Without thinking about it for the second time, I ordered it.

Now coming to the storyline, it is about a rich businessman, Ugrasen who is found dead at the Sainik farms residence. The way the author has started the story is compelling and is successful in creating an air of suspense. The cute thing about the story I liked was the role played by Anjali, Ugrasen's fourteen year old niece who sets out to unravel the mystery. Also, the role played by the private investigator Ganpati Iyer is very much interesting and well defined. The suspicion goes towards all family members and also to an 'outsider', Jasleen. Will Ganpati be able to solve the case? For that, you have to read the book.

The series of events that happen in between will surely make you read more of it but somewhere I feel that the story becomes somewhat predictable in the middle. Maybe because I have read so much suspense stories that I might have been able to predict. This aspect I can say that the author can improve upon by maintaining the suspense. Though, I would still read her next works for sure as the book is a quick and interesting read.

My Rating:-

I would give this book a 3.5/5 as for it is a quick and interesting read but the suspense could have been maintained by introducing a series of events in some better manner. Overall, a good read.

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