Jun 7, 2014

Till when you can abstain?

Saurabh Chawla |
Kick away the inner disturbances which leads you to failure
Kicking away inner disturbances

Arduous efforts
Living is not easy
Salving the ego
Turning out sleazy

Burning passions
Unachievable dreams
Actions so disdaining
Close to extremes

Glowing flames
Seen from faraway
Lighting candles
Attractions slay

Reaching out in hurry
Victim of a ruse
Playing with fire
Pretty muse

Painful cacophony
Resounding again and again
Disturbing from within
Till when you can abstain?

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Muse - A woman or a force that can be personified as a woman who is a source of inspiration for a creative artist

Sleazy -  (of a person or a situation) sordid, corrupt or immoral.

Image credit: Microsoft Clipart


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