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Have you experienced the Zenfone effect yet?

Zenfone Sign board at the entrance

9th July 2014 marked as a day which I will not be able to forget throughout my life. The day started with so much promise and it was fulfilling to the core deep within me. As the clock struck 11, I prepared to leave home for the incredible Asus Indiblogger meet. Asus launched there new offering in the market that day. The Zenfone. I will come back to it later, before that I would like to share my experience with you all about the overall event.

selfie taken from Zenfone with Shweta akanav and David Wu
A selfie taken from Zenfone. With Shweta, Kanav and David Wu.
As we entered Pragati Maidan, the sign of the Zenfone, shining brightly under the sun welcomed all of us. After initial wait of about twenty minutes, we were welcomed inside the lighted, circular entrance that opened up in a huge hall. The beautifully lit hall was just enough to set the mood. The Asus team gave a wonderful presentation making sure not to miss even the tiniest of the detail. Not to forget, the hostess for the show who really took the breath away of the crowd that afternoon, the ravishing, the bold and the beautiful, Rashmi Nigam was the one who really lighted up the event. 

lighted circular hall entrance

The other thing which made it an unforgettable afternoon was the surprise appearance of Arjun Kapoor. It was really a surprise for all of us when Rashmi announced Arjun's name. The Asus team did the presentation beautifully. After the presentation, we all were guided for the demo of the newly launched Zenfone followed by delicious lunch which was meticulously arranged in the neighboring hall.

Rashmi Nigam and Arjun Kapoor at Asus Indiblogger meet
Rashmi Nigam with Arjun Kapoor and on the extreme right Anoop
 Now coming to the product part, I loved the overall look and feel of the Zenfone. But there are two things which seriously touched me. First, the camera like which I have never seen in any mobile phone till now and second, the price which when I heard, the floor slipped beneath my feet. I was hoping it to be priced somewhere around Rs 40k but when I heard that it starts from Rs 5,999, I was really surprised the second time. I have been using Asus and Intel products since last seven years and one thing I know about the, they are rough and tough and as they promise, they deliver. Try taking pictures using Zenfone in the night, you will be taken away by the never thought of quality it can deliver.

When the final hours were approaching, my heart started pounding faster possibly because one of the two things, either the cocktails or the Twitter contest results which were going to be announced. My heart pounded even faster when I saw that I won an Asus Backpack for my tweet. 

At the conclusion, I would like to say that it was truly a wonderful experience and I would like to thank Indiblogger for giving us an opportunity to meet up and explore the world of blogging and bloggers. Great work Indiblogger team, you have kept our spirits high and I have full belief that it will continue like this. It was a wonderful experience. :)  

Asus backpack

For the Zenfone, it's definitely going to be the next phone which I will buy :)


  1. I can sense what an absolute entertaining it was. Congratulations on the bag and yes, the price is really less for a product loaded with that many features.

    1. Thanks a lot Saru :) Yes I am tempted to buy it :)

  2. Great post Saurabh! saw the selfie pic ;) we all had a good time that day. Congratulations again on winning the twitter post.
    I like your blog and will visit your space in future too :). Keep Blogging!

    1. Thanks a lot Shweta :) It was pleasure meeting you that day and enjoyed too :) Thanks for reading. welcome to My Lounge :)

  3. Congrats on your Asus bag and you have really enjoyed the experience and the surprise package of Arjun Kapoor. The price of the product is hard to believe Rs 5999 only.

    1. Yes it starts from Rs 5999 only :) Thanks a lot Kalpana :)

  4. Seems you had a wonderful time there.. Cheerz :)

  5. That's a really funny tweet! Congrats!

  6. Hey, Nice review. Even I got a chance to make a hands on review of gadget. You can check that -

    1. Thanks a lot Yogita :) will surely check it out :)

  7. Looks like very economical phone. Hope people like it and stop buying phs at exorbitant prices :)


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