Jul 12, 2014

Life, a perennial fight....

Saurabh Chawla |

Life is a fight which is endless....

Lost is the soul
Direction forgotten
Unfulfilled is the goal
Dreams rotten

Running here and there
Guessing hard
Ending in a cold stare
Deeply scarred

Tired of walking
Loathing ground
Shadows are stalking
Eerie  are the sounds

Insane thoughts
Lingering around
Connecting the dots
Only to be bound

Unwanted sorrows
Bruised are the skies
Unexpected tomorrows
Evil in disguise

Escaping dark
Searching light
Need a spark
Life, a perennial fight....

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  1. Yes, life at times looks like a perennial fight!

  2. Life is a fight! Loved the poem especially the rhyimg.

  3. after a gap in your lounge.. lovely lines, Saurabh.. life is indeed a fight.. :)

    1. You are always welcome Meera :) Thanks a lot :)

  4. My state is exactly like this - 'Running here and there
    Guessing hard
    Ending in a cold stare
    Deeply scarred'

    Really liked the crisp tone of this poem.

    1. Thanks a lot Saru for reading ) Yes sometimes my state is like this too. I have tried to depict various stages one goes from this poem. Thanks again :)


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