Oct 12, 2014

Let's meet again........

Saurabh Chawla |
couple hugging each other

Longed for this time
Your presence made my day
Yeah there was slight change in plan
But still you came is of prime importance!

Difficult is to write an epitome
For one of the loveliest experiences
Life can hit on you unexpected sometimes
Still I say it's written somewhere!

The black eyeliner accentuated your eyelids
Grateful for your presence
Your delicate style beautified your persona
I wish more you could stay!

Your beauty swept me off my feet
Attached to you I am emotionally
It can't be a mere coincidence
Fate is forcing us to meet again.....

Check out the poem Sounds of Rain.....


  1. Last two verses are lovely. I like this side of your writing, in addition to your obsession with Police Officers in your stories. :)

    1. Haha Thanks Saru :) Hmmm I actually try to make them heroic and this side of writing I have recently realized that it had been hidden somewhere till now and trying to let it out :)

  2. Beautifully written... waiting for more posts from you!

    1. Thanks a lot Dr. Riyaz :) Yes I am a little bit tied up for the moment.You can check out other posts in the meanwhile :)

  3. You are obsessed with eyeliner and Kaajal aren't u ? :)
    bful lines

    1. Yes Afshan I was for quite a while but now I am obsessed with something else :) Thanks a lot for reading :)

  4. Beautiful. Perfectly complements my poetry.


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