Nov 29, 2014

Clear your throat, raise your voice!

Saurabh Chawla | |
A lot has been in the talks recently about clean and green India. Believe me, it's really tough for anybody to reach such big dream alone. If all the people don't come close together to keep the surroundings clean, it will remain a dream only. If you look at India, a lot of scope for improvement is there when it comes to cleaning our country.

From sacred river Ganga to posh colonies in metro cities, cleanliness is required everywhere today. Water is an essential part of our life which is being used as a medium to dump in garbage and waste material. Pollution has taken its toll giving rise to several incurable, deadly diseases. What a government can do to keep our country clean is not of prime importance than us, the people who if join hands together can make a huge difference to the society. Wondering that what one could do to have a cleaner India? The answer is 'A Lot' you can do. Some of the points which if taken care of, can contribute to the society significantly are:

1. Use Dustbins:

A recent visit to a Mall made me realize that the area outside it was filled with trash while the dustbins remained empty. The reason, habit of littering around by people. A slight change in this habit can save the environment as lots of insects make it their home giving rise to diseases.

2. Use Public Toilets     

I have seen many people using a corner or a secluded place to relieve themselves. There are many public toilets accessible which can be used to solve this problem. The public toilets also need to be properly maintained, a check to be kept so that they are hygienic enough to be used.

3. Avoid plastic if possible

From polythene bags to mobile phones, plastic is being used as a significant material in our day to day life. The problem, it is non bio-degradable material. Use paper bags or cloth based bags.

4. Follow a clean, hygienic lifestyle

wash hands for a hygienic lifestyle
I know this would be a tough call particularly for the people who are living out of their homes in different cities. The reason for following a healthy lifestyle is not just for your own good but also for your next generations which will adapt to your lifestyle and try to keep the society cleaner.

5. Make your vicinity green, plant some trees

This is something which needs no explanations. Trees regulate the temperature, keep the surrounding air fresh. The benefit, you breathe fresh air thereby remain healthy.

Blaming the Government or raising finger is easy thing to do. The main thing which you need to do is to keep your homes, your surroundings clean as well as green. The point is who will take the initiative? My answer, don't wait for anyone to take the initial step, go ahead make the first move. The others will follow.

As we become adults, ewe are more conditioned to behave in the society as it wishes. There will be people laughing at you, stopping you but if you know that you are doing the right thing, sooner or later they will realize and you would be surprised to see them standing beside you. A very well similar initiative is started by Strepsils with a campaign called #AbMontuBolega. The basic concept about the campaign is to bring people together to take a plunge in order to make India a clean place to live. We have kept quiet for long but till when it will go like this?

"The problem with fear is that more you run away from it, the more it comes closer to haunt you."
So I would request to take that initial step to make the country clean. After all it's your own country! Don't keep quiet now, stand up, clear your throats and raise your voice kyunki bin bole ab nahi chalega :)

Do check out about the campaign #AbMontuBolega at and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. "Swachch bharat, Swasth Bharat," let the movement gain more momentum. Well written blog for a good cause.,

    1. Thanks a lot Ratan for reading! Yes healthy people can make healthy nation!


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