Apr 4, 2015

Till my soul is left to die!

Saurabh Chawla |

sands of time

Burning drop by drop
The flame flickers within
Sands of time couldn't stop
Neither a blessing, nor a sin

Counting the endless hours
Waiting to be torn apart
Devoid of my powers
Wondering, where did it all start?

Wrath of the heavens
Taketh upon me
I wait like a heathen
How hard could it be?

Like an empty soul
Beyond sanity
Not less than a hole
Wearing a shroud of vanity

At the verge to be hanged
I say the truth, not the lie
Don't separate time from sand
Till my soul is also left to die!

Click here to read Burning in silence!

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  1. Nice post..:)
    Please do check mine and comment:


  2. I especially like these lines..

    "Like an empty soul
    Beyound sanity
    Not less than a hole
    Wearing a shroud of vanity".....

    Very well-penned Saurabh... :-)

  3. This is quite moving. Beautiful poem.


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