Jun 16, 2015

Love is merciless!

Saurabh Chawla |

couple holding hands in moonlight

One fine night
I sat at the bar
You crossed my sight
I stared you from afar

Help me with my thoughts
I am not aware about them
Let's unfold these knots
Before they create a mayhem

I howled at the moonlight
In night like a wolf does
I may seem like a fool tonight
But inside I am around a buzz

Approached you, beaming graciously
Watching you watch me intently
I held myself there tenaciously
You did the same co-incidentally

Being wrong is not such a crime
As I speak up some words
Trying hard so that I could rhyme
Assume me to be one of those nerds

This tongue has betrayed me again
Like it has done sometimes before
But I will surpass this pain
As you are the one who I adore

Lost in your thoughtful eyes
From here, I'll lead you on
With no need of any prise
Before our time is gone

Inexplicable feelings
Moments so priceless
Heard before, realized now
That love is really merciless!

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