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Yoga connects you with you!

I used to think about Yoga as a regimen followed by sick people. I was not sick, not at the age of 21! I was told many times to practice it, it's helpful. I used to say, "Yeah, yeah, will do that when I would need it." What you all think about it? I as right? Wrong!

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

 I was completely wrong that time. If I would have done Yoga and meditation that time, I would have been more better than I am now. Yes, I am practicing Yoga and meditation now. I would not say that I am doing like a regular follower but yes I do it on an average of four to five days a week. The result,  I am more healthy, energetic and a little bit peaceful (way better than I used to be).

I would recommend doing both (meditation especially on the daily basis as it helps in clearing up your mind of all the clutter. I do it at night time before sleep. It helps me in having a good night sleep (essential for me to plan my next day and next day's workout).

I prefer doing yoga during the early morning hours. I prefer doing the breathing asanas particularly. It helps me in two ways. It helps me in bringing my mind to present moment as  am concentrating on my breathing. Second, it helps me flushing out toxins, purifying the blood in turn. A healthy body makes a healthy mind.

I am very much happy about yoga being promoted in schools, colleges, offices,internationally as well. June 21st was declared the International Yoga Day by United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. I am very much glad as well as I am very much thankful to our Honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi for promoting such a  great thing.

My friends, my dear readers, Yoga and meditation are the tools which you can use to connect yourselves with, well yourselves. When you grow old, a lot of chaos you have to face out there. Below I would list the reasons I follow the routine involving Yoga and meditation:

1) Like body, mind also needs rest.

Our body works for few hours in a day. What about our mind? You give your body some rest by sleeping, but mind is awake that time also. By doing meditation, you stop the thought process by concentrating on anything (usually breath as it's in the present moment). This helps to shut down your mind for some time. No matter if it's for few seconds only.

2) You become more self aware.

Things which I am able to control

This is something which is very much needed by us all, especially the youth. It makes you understand what things you can control, which things you cant control. This, when you understand, you get to know your true self and you start walking towards the success.

3) It gives self control.

It makes you strong, both physically and mentally. You are able to deal with emotional outbursts or stamina related works with more ease.  Your will power is substantially increased as you keep on practicing them.

I keep my body and mind both healthy by practicing Yoga and Meditation. I would suggest you as well to start practicing it. It may feel like you would be reluctant at first but if you follow it, you won't regret it. It's definitely worth the try. :)

Have you felt the difference yet? Do share your thoughts/experiences in the comments section below.


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