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Are you the risk taker?

why you take risk in life?

Digging deeply into my thoughts is one of the best things which I love to do. It elevates me to another level. I get a better view of myself in that deep state of mind. Moreover, it helps me evaluate my perspective of life I am living. Then I enter the danger zone. It is called RISK!

You would agree with the fact that you would not approach a situation in which risk is involved. Risk can be of many kinds with most phobic type being life threatening risk. The term RISK is often talked about in almost every phase of life. For an example, your parents would not allow you to stay out late in night as they feel that something could go wrong. However, the probability of that happening in your point of view may be negligible or negative but from their point of view, there are chances of you being stuck in a big problem if you stay out till late.

Another example could be the best explanation about risk when money is involved. Stock Markets, the gamble which can make you super rich or bankrupt! Risk is everywhere. Company takes a lot of risk in hiring an employee. An employee takes daily risk of traveling to and fro from job not aware about what could happen to him/her next moment.

The point is that risk is everywhere. It can be small risk which is usually safer to take. A big risk which could put you in a situation which could possibly panic you. What it takes  to take the plunge? Let's discuss some pointers which I feel give a boost to the idea of taking the risk:

1) Experience:

Anything you do, you can't beat this. A person with experience is far more better than a person with the educational qualification. Experience, it comes with time. People who are more experienced are tempted to take more risks.

2) Confidence:

The point 1 above gives birth to yet another point which needs consideration. With experience, comes confidence. Confident people can take more risks as compared to non confident ones.

3) Stubborn:

Stubbornness is one trait which can lead a person to take risk. Most probable chances are that they either don't know about what would be the consequences or they are taking risk impulsively. 

Out of the above three reasons, last one i.e. Stubbornness can be most vulnerable one. One can simply expose oneself to some of the most dangerous risks of all. As they are simply tempted but not aware about what they are doing!  For example, a small child who doesn't know that putting hand in fire can burn the skin, still out of curiosity the child would put hands in fire. They later realize that something went wrong.

Although, the above first two reasons would attract people taking more risk but the risk would usually be calculated one. But a stubborn person could either get broken down or come out with flying colors at the end. Remember risk is other thing, trying is the one thing which is a trait possessed by quite a  few. At the end, I would like to conclude with a statement :
'If you risk nothing, you risk everything.....'

So are you a risk taker? What tempts you more to take risks? Do share your thoughts about the same in the comments section below.


  1. Nice post. It's true, one must risk to rise. :)

  2. I take risks as I feel there is risk in everything you do. Why not jump and explore, and add to experience. As the famous saying goes - life begins out of your comfort zone, why stay put and devoid ourselves of it.

    1. Yes Saru. That way you conquer your fear as well! :)


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