Aug 20, 2015

Faster is always better: Get Airtel 4G

Saurabh Chawla | |

Airtel 4G, the fastest wireless internet

It gets very irritating when you want to send a message to a friend, send an e-mail to client or to download a song and you get the download speed in small chunks. It feels like you are eating the dinner left over by someone else. But fortunately, this problem has been solved by Airtel Network by launching 4G services in India. I am so excited to use the 4G services by my favorite network. 

I use to travel to office. During this travel time, I get a lot of ideas to write about. As a blogger myself, I am tempted to jot down the idea, publish it on my blog. But only thing was the availability of the internet with speed which would be in pace with my ideas. Fortunately, this has been made simple by Airtel 4G service. 

It has been so much relaxing for me on hearing this news. Now I would be able to browse faster, upload and download faster, write and publish blog posts, publish posts to my blog on the go! I have my Airtel in every service when it comes to choosing a telecom operator. I use Broadband services provided by them, I have an Airtel connection on my mobile, I use the 3G services by Airtel, and now I would love to use the 4G services by Airtel as well. The one thing I love about them is their customer service which is simply excellent

Airtel has also introduced the convenient way of getting the 4G SIM delivered to your doorstep. That too is just a tweet away. Yes, you just have to tweet with the hash tag #GetAirtel4G to @AirtelIndia and you will get the SIM card delivered at your doorstep within 4 hours. It's great to see that 4G services were rolled out by first by Airtel and that too not in only major cities but Airtel has introduced 4G services in 296 cities across India. 

When you tweet with #GetAirtel4G to @AirtelIndia, you will get a reply from them with a link wherein you would need to fill in your details. Upon filling in the details, you will get the SIM delivered at your doorstep, free of charge. Now, that's what I call something great!

Now let us come to the main thing we all including me, myself looks for while availing any service, the price. Airtel has made this thing also as exciting as its services. They are making 4G available at the price of 3G services. 

All you need to have is two things in mind. First, you need to have an existing Airtel 3G connection which I assume almost everybody who uses Airtel has! Second, you need to have a 4G enabled Smartphone. So what are you waiting for?

You get faster internet speeds at same price of 3G, free SIM, free delivery, that too at your doorstep. Don't wait longer, just tweet and experience the blazing internet speed. Are you ready to experience the fastest wireless internet?

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