Sep 27, 2015

State of Busyness

Saurabh Chawla |

Stephen King quote on living and dying

Buried deep within
The memories galore
Staring the pain with a grin
Sorry, I want it no more!

Arrested like a prisoner
Caught up in a stone henge
Or it can be a misnomer
To whom I should avenge?

Died many times, born seldom
Has left me nothing but stupefied
Dusk is gone, dawn is welcome
But fast, before I get mummified

Saving it for the another day
The process has begun to mend
A request to you to light my way
Let the darkness and light blend

Like a bullet this mind has become
Doors are locked from within
But neither I'm witty nor dumb
How long it has been?

Hard to sleep, harder to wake up
I am still in the state of dizziness
Its a request to shake me up
Its best to be in a state of busyness!

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