Oct 23, 2015

6 ways to be more consistent

Saurabh Chawla | |
Does consistency always hold you back? Whenever you try to do something new, after some time you get burned out and it is not exciting anymore? Then you are a victim of lack of consistency. What ever you are trying to achieve, the following 5 things will surely help you out:

1. Do less, keep  on improving:
One thing with most of us is that we get excited to do something new, we jump into it and want to do that in one single day. Which is almost next to impossible. Instead of jumping into it, start with small steps. do bit daily and keep on improving day by day. For example, if you intend to go for 100 push ups, you can't go for a 100 in a single day. Start by doing the least some push ups, no matter you do only 1. Just do less and keep on incrementing slowly.
When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren't the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.
                                                        -Arsene Wenger
2. Rest in between
Other problem we face is that we keep on continuously doing even if our body and mind are not allowing us to do. This usually holds when we do all in a single day. Rest in between the work and take a nap. Studies have shown that resting in between the work reduced the entire time taken by a significant amount. Follow the rule, solution to any problem is found out when we keep that problem aside and then think about it. Try it, you would be surprised by the results.

3. Keep a record
Most of us fail in this. We don't record where we are going to. Our progress, our failures, our feelings and everything else. Make a habit to record each and everything so that you do what you want to do.

4. Keep aside time to relax
All of us are so occupied that even when there is time to relax we don't do it. Set aside at least 30 minutes to relax your senses and do some meditation to calm your mind.

5. Keep a day to monitor your progress
This is very much essential. Monitoring your progress makes it easier to manage what's working out for you and what's not working. It helps changing the way things are needed to be done.

6. Stay Positive
Last but not the least, believe that it's going to happen. What makes us negative is that we fail in between and we think it's not working. Change the way of doing the things, instead of changing the goal all together.

Try these for yourself and if you have anything which you have experienced other than these, do share them in the comments section below.


  1. I needed to read this today. All of it! Making small changes and sticking to them. Im the type that will jump into things headfirst and run out of steam in a minute.

    1. Ohh! Generally it happens to most of us. Glad it helped you understand :)


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