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How your attitude can help you?

Many a times we come across the situations which make us feel low. We often lose confidence on facing certain situations which make us believe that we can't do the things.It is sometimes forced on us by our peers, friends, relatives, colleagues etc. that if we fail in certain task or we are weak at a particular skill, we can't do anything about it. It's a part of everybody's life. Now certain people fall as victims to the circumstances while others pave their way out across.
positive thinking

What makes these people different? The way of doing things is different to some extent but the most important thing is their positive attitude. The belief with which these people approach the situation is different. They follow their inner guidance system which keeps them constantly reminding about their goals, their dreams and most importantly, they can achieve them.
We bring to you today some advantages which positive attitude has as opposed to negative attitude:
1. Positive attitude motivates
If a person has an attitude that 'yes, my dreams are possible and I will accomplish them' whereas a negative attitude person will be like 'OMG! I have failed. It's not my cup of tea!' Whom according to you would be accomplishing his dreams? Probability is higher in the former one.
Having a positive attitude gives enough confidence and belief of doing what one aims at doing.It provides a boost to the motivation enabling the person to achieve what he wants to achieve. Negative attitude, on the other hand makes one a victim of other people's saying and keeps them away from achieving what they want to achieve.
2. It provides a path to the lost by giving a purpose
Consider a situation when a person is lost. He/she is not clear of what he/she wants out of life. Once that person knows his/her purpose of life and keeps a positive attitude towards the purpose, he/she has higher probability of achieving that purpose in life.
It will not only help the person to provide a path in life but also will teach how to deal with failure along the journey. We all fail at some point in time. Failure is taken as a depressing factor by many forcing them to lose interest and move on to some other thing and the moment the failure strikes again, that path is also changed. This process keeps on repeating.
Failure should be taken as a learning, an experience not as a burden. It marks a point that went wrong. Moreover the attitude towards failure should be that it will make you stronger. Consider a person who has faced many failures in life but still stays strong whereas the other one who has faced few and kept on changing the paths? The former one would be more positive about himself/herself as compared to latter one.
It gives a direction to life where one has to go on and on to achieve that purpose in life.
3. Improves self-image
This is something which is self-explanatory. Consider when you get closer to your dream, you keep on assuring yourself about the winning the different milestones along the path. It not only improves self-confidence but self-esteem as well. Not only you congratulate yourself on the big win but people when start noticing the big change, they also start respecting you for what you are.
Here, experience comes into picture as it keeps you on the ground and helps you in taking the right steps. There is no teacher best than experience in your life. The best thing about the experience is that it is different for every individual.  You make a promise to yourself and when you complete that promise, your self-esteem is boosted.
A small activity for you all at the end. Next time when you are in a tough situation, try keeping a positive attitude towards it.
Do share what you felt by adopting this easy change in your life in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and happy new year to you all!
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