Dec 11, 2015

5 Reasons why fear is not good for you

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We all live our lives with  content at some point of life. But there is something inside us which is called as fear. We all suffer from fear of some kind. In some cases, people are aware of it, in some cases they are not! For example a person doesn't realize he/she has fear of height till they are at some high altitude point.  A person when has a dream of achieving something, there are some obstacles which come into his/her way. Now we will discuss how fear takes away your mind from achieving your dreams creating hindrances in your way.
1) Fear steals away your true path and purpose
This is something created externally by the people around you. They will constantly try to take you away from your path and purpose by telling you that you can't do it or its not your cup of tea. But have you ever considered listening to that gut feeling of yours?
Try and follow what your intuition says, not following others sayings.  Your inner guidance system is the key source of your dreams and goals and if you follow it with consistency and you believe that you can do it, then you can for sure.
2) It effects your decision making capability
It is very much evident that fear stops you from making correct decisions. For example you may not ask the girl you like/love for a dinner date because of fear of rejection. You may not make an investment in fear of incurring a loss. This is often supported by a statement 'what if...?' used commonly in negative sense but not in positive sense.
Like one would say that 'What if she rejects my offer?' In this case you are making yourself less worthy of her. Thus it also reduces your self respect.  Instead you can also think  this ways 'What if she accepts my offer to go with me on a dinner date?' The latter one seems more promising. Try to keep negative thoughts at bay. This will improve your decision making process.
3) Many opportunities you miss that come in your way
There are several opportunities which come into your way during your career path or personal life path. For example, you would like to suffer in your old boring routine rather than changing it for better.
You like to stay in your comfort zone. The reason is, you fear change. Every thing is welcome but change is not welcome. You tend to stay in your same comfort zone rather than getting up to accomplish your dreams as it takes effort to do so.
Take home point is that one has to give up or get out of their comfort zone in order to accomplish their goals/dreams.
4) Fear steals away your peace of mind
This is obvious. When at one point you want your dreams to get accomplished, but on the other hand fear stops you from doing it, the result, your peace of mind being disturbed.
This can be overcome by sitting calmly and approaching the fear and believing that it can be done and it is possible to overcome the fear. Relax and stay calm, the time passes by and this time of fear shall also pass. Just focus on your goals and dreams.
5) Fear steals you of right company
This is something which if a person holds back from achieving his dreams, is highly probable to suffer. The fear of being alone. If a person feels that after a failed relationship he/she can't be ever in any relationship again, they are wrong. Similarly, if you have failed one time in business, there is always next chance. just around the corner waiting for you to take action.
Take home point is that fear leads to failure. Failure is a learning which one should embrace and move. After lot of failures only success follows. A diamond has to go through painful heat and compression process before it shines. Some can bear it, some can't. How much yo can bear?
Some take home points from above discussion are listed below:
1) Fear is evident and should be dealt with rather than running away from it.
2) Fear leads to failures but failures can be converted to success (refer to point number 5 above).
3) Feeling the fear and doing things anyway keeping in mind that the outcome will be always positive should be the strategy to deal with fear.
4) For achieving your goals/dreams, you have to get out of your comfort zone.
Do share your story of how you overcame your fear and achieved that goal of yours in the comments section below.


  1. fear has always led me to success whether in my professional or personal life. I believe fear is good, as long as you don't allow it to rule your life; but learn to handle it positively! Cheers buddy... that's a great post! :-)

  2. Agree to that. I still has the fear in me and most of the places is bad, though good at some point.


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