Jan 31, 2016

5 things which will help you to transform from negative to positive thinking individual

Saurabh Chawla | |
Have you been thinking negative lately? Everything you do, you get negative thoughts in mind while doing or before doing it? Negative thoughts, like positive ones affect your productivity and efficiency as well in accomplishing what you intended to do. That new project which just got screwed is stopping you from taking new responsibility. Don't get freighted by it, instead take some time analyzing what went wrong.
'Imagine a child playing with lighted matchstick, not knowing that it could burn him/her.'

Believe me, it would be something related to your mistakes which need to be corrected than clouding them in your mind creating an obstacle for you in pursuing new future projects.
Imagine a child playing with lighted matchstick, not knowing that it could burn him/her. But still the child keeps on playing with it without any fear even if he/she gets burned once or twice. As we grow as adults, we get the sense of right and wrong which keeps us from doing several things which we don't wish to do. It creates a sense of negativity in our brains. Also, the failure leads to negative thoughts which create hurdles in our way of achieving that goal of ours.
Below you can read how to transform these negative thoughts into positive ones.
1) Take control of your thoughts.
You are the master of your thoughts. Nobody controls them except you. The best thing that you can do to yourself is to control these thoughts and emotions, filtering out all the negative thoughts while storing back the positive ones.
2) Accept it, negative thoughts are intended to erupt
The first thing that you need to accept is that you are not alone in this game. Everybody in this world has this problem. Negative thoughts come in everyone's mind. So it's better to accept it, taking this phenomenon naturally occurring fact. Imagine that you didn't pass in exam, you doubt yourself, your abilities, result being an eruption of a negative thought. You accept that you don't have that skill to pass that exam, instead you should accept the fact that you are not alone who has failed, there are lot others.
The basic idea is to accept the fact that negative thoughts are intended to happen, you have to accept it with an open mind and an open heart.
3)   Sharing negative thoughts can be dangerous
Positivity grows when shared, jut like the happiness. Similarly, negativity also grows when shared. So you need to be careful while sharing your negative thoughts. You will experience more setbacks if you start sharing your negative thoughts.
If you are thinking of spreading out your frustrations, read the point number 1 indicated above. You need to control your feelings along with the thoughts. As I have stated that you are not alone dealing with these thoughts, the person you might share these thoughts may backfire his/her frustration on you. It will be like adding fuel to an already burning fire.
Sometimes, it's nothing but our attitude that becomes our own foe. This attitude can develop through our company, or friends whom we hang out with or our previous failed experiences. Imagine a person who has become so stone like that he doesn't even laugh at a comedy when his peers are laughing like hell then the person needs to change his attitude. Attitude can play an  important role in shaping up a person's personality. So, try to make it a more positive one.
5) Dig out the positive from the negative
Many a times, we become so engrossed with the negative thought that we don't see the positive in that thought. In my earlier posts also, I have mentioned this thing that there is some good in bad too. The issue here is that it is hidden and you have to dig out that good from the bad. Similarly, in every negative, there is some positive hidden. You have to see the positive side of it. It usually indicates you to do better or you can say it is telling you that you can do it in a better way.
So, next time a negative thought occurs, please don't be freighted by it, instead try to turn your mind towards the positive side and see the results for yourself.

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