Jan 13, 2016

Are you leading or being led?

Saurabh Chawla | |
Leadership. This word seems heavy, right? Every one of us want to be a leader. But most of us are being led instead of being a leader. The problem lies in not others, but us. Today, I would share with you top 3 reasons why a person, whether it's you or me, cannot be a leader. 


If you are already a leader or consider yourself as a leader, you can still read the post. You would find it somewhat related to you. For others, it would be very much helpful! So read on for more:
1) Habit of indecision:
This is the number one reason for being led by others. You may not be able to make a decision whether by chance or by habit. By chance can happen one or may be two times. The choice one happens every time. If you look closely to your past decisions or past indecision, you would get a clear picture of what I intend to say. For example, you as a student, failed to make up a decision to enroll for your favorite subject. The result, you ended up being into a subject which you never liked. This happens most of the times.
The reason for this is primarily that you are influenced by the decisions of your parents, relatives and peers. The choice which you make may sometimes match with what their parents expect out of them. Most of the times, they don't match. This, slowly gets hardwired into your mind and becomes a habit. If you want to be a leader, you have to give up this habit of indecision.
2) Procrastination:
This, is somewhat related to the indecision point made above. You want something, you keep on delaying the work you need to do to get that thing. This also can be due to habit of indecision that you are forced to procrastinate. If you need something or want something, prepare an action plan and straightaway jump into the plan. You will make the mistakes but you will get what you want quicker than the former approach.
3) Failure in recognition:
The third and most dangerous part about not being a leader is not recognizing what exactly you want. If you don't know what you want, you are bound to have a habit of indecision and you are bound to procrastinate. The solution is simple. Simply sit down with a pen and a paper and write down your wish list. Prioritize it from most important to least important. Follow a step by step plan and mark it achieved every time  you achieve that objective.
These were my reasons of why you cannot be a leader. What's your take? What reasons you think are stopping you from being a leader? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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