Feb 12, 2016

All they need is a weaver!

Saurabh Chawla |

soldier poems by saurabh chawla

This is for the innocent ones
Living isolated in silence
So we can grow in abundance
On sacrifice of daughters and sons

Fighting for the unknown
Unable to find the reason
Scared of the treason
Waiting to be shown

Is it fair?
For the ones buried in sand
Or pyres are burnt on barren land
No, it's not rare!

There is no fun
In running here and there
The need is of prayer
To protect from sound of the gun
No pain, no affliction
Once they serve their role
Tired of waiting for their turn
Waiting for the Revelation

Bruised flesh and bones
In an act of war
Enough, doesn't need more
Let's stay in our safe zones

Neither a heathen, nor a believer
Taking slow steps to the graveyard
They walk silently broken, scarred
Not a cleaver, they need a weaver! 

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