Feb 20, 2016

Come soon....

Saurabh Chawla |

come soon.... romantic poem by saurabh chawla

Years ago I remember the times
Used to know what was on your mind
Getting excited  on our naughty crimes
Nothing but everything keeps us bind

We used to walk, used to run
I could read your thoughts
Under the shadows or the sun
All what is needed is to connect the dots

Unbolting the long bolted doors
Lightning the unlit flame
Fighting over the odd even scores
Nothing is different, all is same

The aching night, bruised skies
This all shall pass soon
Not easily, not with prise
I wait for a night with moon

Whether a tender touch or a peck
I remember the soft moan
Keeping the limits in check
Come soon, I'll wait for you like a stone! 

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