Mar 14, 2016

Getting something is not impossible! Just ask a simple question WHY?

Saurabh Chawla | |
ask why

We have always thought of getting something which seems distant to us. We keep practicing many things in life to meet that one goal. Sometimes we do meet it, sometimes we don't. Many a times it happens that we meet that goal but we think the opposite the moment we get that goal. It happens that we don't want that goal to be fulfilled after we have succeeded. That is the moment when we realize that we have chased the wrong goal our entire life. There are several reasons that forces us  to chase wrong goals in life. The primary being the force from our parents and society. For example, a child who has just cleared his 12th exam is recommended to pursue Engineering or medical etc. courses because they are the trending courses. The student who sees many other people pursuing these courses makes a dream of becoming an engineering graduate or a doctor. But what will happen if he/she doesn't like to study engineering or medical? Nobody asks that.
Here, I am not going against anybody or any norm of the society. The point which I would like to raise is that the students out there should ask this thing to themselves that WHY? For example a student is recommended engineering by his parents, he should ask WHY he needs to do engineering? When we were kids, we always had this question. Why this car is moving like this? Why this, why that?  So what happened now when we have grown up. This is an interesting part. When we grow up our society including ourselves and parents have an illusion in their minds that now our kids have grown up and thy know everything. But it is just an illusion and nothing else. We keep on believing this illusion till we agree to it. The result being we stop asking WHY because we don't get an answer anymore.
If you start asking yourself that Why you want to do what you are doing, then you would be far more clear in goal, your vision, your purpose in life than the people who don't know why they are doing what they are doing. Whenever you start doing something related to your life whether it is in your relationships, career or whatever, just ask WHY? I am sure you will get an answer. This way you will get to know that whether you really want to do that thing or just you are doing for sake of others?
A very simple solution to building this habit is to start asking WHY? in every step that you take till it becomes your habit. Just asking for two minutes will save a lot of time of yours.

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