Mar 11, 2016

How Mornings Can Be Your Friends

Saurabh Chawla | |

You might have had many sick mornings when you didn't want to get up from bed. Or the worst case you might have faced is of spoiled mood in the morning. Have you ever wondered why the rest of the day was also spent like hell? Mornings are meant to set the tone for the entire day. If they are perfect that day you will feel happy and if the start of the day is irritating, you might end up with a bad day.
Below mentioned are some of the tips which can help you to make your mornings friendly ones. This will in turn make your day a good one.
1. Stay away from social media
The first thing we do today (even I do) is to check that what has been posted on social networking sites and it accounts for a substantial amount of our morning time. If we occupy our mind in the morning, it is not a good idea. The best can be to stay offline and spend that precious time on yourself. Invest this time on the tasks which you feel will motivate you. It is the best way to start your day.
2. Stay away from e-mails
Many people have the habit of checking the e-mails and replying to them. This also consumes a lot of time and can be sometimes frustrating as well. Best way is to ignore the e-mails in the morning, keeping them for the office hours.
3. Taking calls in the morning
We sometime prefer client calls and meetings in the morning hours. This also affects our last night's sleep as well as morning hours. Try keeping the meetings in the day time or  afternoon time during the office hours. Trust me, the clients will not run away! (It can be difficult when the clients are in different time zones. But then you can make sure that it is scheduled at a time such that your sleep is not compromised.)
4. Never skip a workout
This can be done many times. Lazy lifestyle, poor sleep patterns can lead to skipping the workout in the morning. When you do a workout in the morning, it refreshes your mind and body. It gives a boost of energy which keeps you motivated for the entire day.
Try to include these tips and see the difference they make to your life. It can transform your boring mornings to friendly ones.
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